WIN a trip for 2 to Dublin this St. Patrick's Day with The Range & Jameson

There's a few things in the world that manage to get my goat.

By Ben Brown | 16 February 2018

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One is when people on the bus talk on the phone really loudly, letting everyone around them know that Kevin cheated on them with the girl that works on the checkout at Home Bargains when all I want to do is read some Kierkegaard and ponder the wonders of life.

Another one is those faux Irish people who go absolutely mental on St Paddy’s Day because their grandad once had a pint of Guinness with a bloke from Donegal and so that makes them 1/3 Irish. And then there’s all the music, those stupid big foam hats and even the little leprechauns annoy me – running around all over the place dropping gold and pissing about with rainbows.

If you’re an open, fully-functional adult though, and not a cantankerous old git like me, you’re most likely looking forward to a St. Patrick’s Day full of merriment, loads of dancing and even the odd nip of whiskey every 27 seconds or so.

To celebrate this auspicious day, The Range in Spinningfields are offering people the chance to WIN a trip to Ireland for 2 this St. Patrick’s Day, courtesy of Jameson Whiskey, with their event ‘The Jameson Jamboree’.

The idea is simple. The Range is putting on a FREE event where you and a friend enters into a golf tournament. If you win, you’ll find yourself jetting off to Dublin to do St. Paddy’s Day properly this year. Easy right!?

Entrants will compete over 3 different challenges to win the 3-day trip to Dublin, and so you best get practicing your swing and perfecting your gait. As an added extra bonus, Jameson cocktails will be flowing throughout the event so even if you don’t win, you can still enjoy the Irish vibes.

All you need to do to enter is head on over to The Range’s website and register. It’s FREE and you never know – you might win! The odds are certainly better than the lottery. Just follow this age old Irish Golf ditty and you’ll be fine…

May your swing be straight and the ball fly far,
May your round be blessed with no more than par.


The Range, Leftbank, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AN
0161 325 4444