Basque Cod, Pork Belly Stew & Iberian Pork: La Bandera's NEW Tapas Dishes

Our favourite independent Spanish restaurant have added some serious tapas to the menu...

By Manchester's Finest | 14 September 2021

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Hearing such good news, that La Bandera have extended their dishes with a host of brand-new unique tapas – well, I just had to go down and get myself a piece of the action.

Our favourite Spanish restaurant in the city, La Bandera is independent, it’s family owned and run and it’s also bloody brilliant. I’ve never had a bad meal in here, with some truly unique tapas dishes, many from the Canary Islands, alongside some fantastic paella and easily one of the best wine lists in Manchester.

So, what have we got that’s new then?! That’s the most important question at the moment isn’t it?

Arroz de Setas

Let’s kick things off with a brand-new Paella, a superb Arroz de Setas (£28) or, Vegan Wild Mushroom offering, which is made using 4 different types of mushroom, and is topped with orange zest – giving it an unexpected citrus-y kick at the end. It’s excellent and the perfect sharer for two.

Let’s get down to the tapas now, and we’re going start with the Bacalao al Pil-Pil (£9), a traditional dish from the Basque country of cod fillets cooked in a unique oil, garlic and chilli marinade. Cooked to perfection, the cod is flaky and breaks apart on your fork, and with the chilli – there’s a welcome kick in there too.

Bacalao al Pil-Pil

Pisto con Huevo

Another new addition is Fabada Asturiana (£8.95) – a banging homemade traditional meat stew from Asturias in the North West of Spain. It’s a beautiful mix of tender butter beans with pork belly, chorizo and black pudding and it’s amazing.

One of the stand-out new dishes on the menu is the Abanico Ibérico con Chutney de Mango – perfectly cooked Iberian Pork Tenderloin Steak on a bed of mango chutney. It might sound a bit odd but let me tell you – it’s a must-order for sure.

Abanico Ibérico con Chutney de Mango

Also added are Alitas Picantes (£7.50); La Bandera’s unique spicy chicken wings, marinated in a garlic, sherry, chilli and Cayenne pepper sauce, and Pisto con Huevo (£7.25); Spanish ratatouille with a fried egg perched on top.

Gambas Volcán

All these dishes are available now on the menu at La Bandera, joining such favourites as the Bistec Asadores, Squid Ink Croquettes and Gambas Volcán, amongst many, many more excellent dishes.

Get booked in to give these new beauties a try…


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