Beatnikz Republic: From Brewery to Bar in Less than a Mile

They've been making daring, innovative and high-quality beers right here in the city centre since the start of 2017 and we have loved watching them go from strength to strength every step of the way.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 5 March 2019

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Their concept for their beers is to take inspiration from a single ingredient, a geographical location or even just a day at the beach – developing a flavour profile in line with the beer’s character.

You will have seen their colourful cans knocking around the city centre such as the West Coast Pale Ale ‘Beach Bum’,  the Grapefruit Wheat Ale ‘Generation Dreamer’ and the dark and mysterious coffee stout ‘Beat Café’ to name but a few.

One massive highlight was the opening of their Northern Quarter bar in late 2018. Situated in a Grade II listed building on the corner of Dale Street and Tariff Street, this location in less than a mile from the brewery on Red Bank in the Green Quarter.

With a massive keg list that’s always changing, even the fussiest of drinkers will be catered for whether it’s an IPA, Pale Ale, or even the odd Sour beer knocking about – they’ve got the lot.

And all of it (excusing the guest beers, ciders and the natural artisanal spirits they have on offer) is made less than a mile away within the limits of Manchester City Centre.

Nowadays, we are obsessed with this idea of locality.  On every menu, we see a trend that locally produced products are superior and I cannot help but agree.

Not only does it keep costs and carbon footprints down, but it tastes so much sweeter knowing it came from around the corner as far as I am concerned.

It is a practice we are familiar with when it comes to food – like cheese, herbs, meat etc.- but what is truly amazing is that is it happening to the booze world too.

Beatnikz Republic is a great example of this. The bar is stocked with the very definition of ‘locally sourced’ with 14 keg lines and 4 cask lines of quality beer made, quite literally, around the corner from noon until midnight.

They say that certain things taste best when they are consumed where they come from- like Irn Bru in Scotland and Doughnuts in the US.

Well, this is certainly a rule that applies to Beatnikz Republic and so you are going to have to get yourselves down to the NQ for a sip of their locally-produced nectar of the Gods because it really is that delicious, and you have Manchester to thank for that.

Beatnikz Republic Bar, 35 Dale St, Manchester M1 2HF
Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co., 15 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF