Behind the Dish... Pollo 'Los Asadores' at La Bandera

Inspired by a restaurant in Tenerife where you'll find an 89 year-old grandmother peeling potatoes by hand all day.

By Ben Brown | 23 November 2018

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La Bandera’s menu is fixed firmly within it’s Canary Island roots, but also the life and experiences of owner Yashin.

Growing up in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Yashin’s first true experience of a ‘proper’ restaurant was Los Asadores – now one of the most famous eateries in the whole of the Canary Islands.

The idea is simple. Every day they stoke up a huge fire inside their kitchen, grab some chickens and roast them slowly over the coals. The addition of the island’s unique mojo rojo sauce (slathered on with a mop) would marinade and add a succulent flavour to the meat as it cooked.

You could have the chicken three ways. With potatoes, with salad or with both.

As a young lad Yashin would smell the chicken every day from the school yard next door, and as you’d expect – he’d instantly want to get involved.

The restaurant itself is still open to this day, complete with 89-year-old grandmother still peeling potatoes by hand in the open kitchen!

The memories of Los Asadores’s stunning chicken are still with Yashin today and so he wanted to bring the unique tastes and flavours to us here in Manchester.

That’s why he was inspired to create Pollo Los Asadores, a delicious dish of marinated chicken on a bed of potatoes that is, as Yashin explains “a little taste of home”.

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