15 of the Best Margaritas in Manchester

Ever since Montezuma got some tequila and limes together, added sugar and salt and started flogging them to his mates, the Margarita has been one of the world's greatest cocktails.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 22 February 2022

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It’s proper easy to add a little twist to the recipe too, which makes for some very exciting (and weird) bevs knocking about the city just waiting for you to try…

Ramona Margarita 
Since opening, Ramona has been renowned for they way it crafts its famous margarita. They are the city’s tequila tavern, specialising in a wealth of tequila-based drinks to enjoy alongside a slice of Detroit-style pizza and those truffle tatertots that have taken over my mind ever since they entered my gob. On a Wednesday, they host Margarita ‘Til Midnight where you can grab £5 Margs, 4pm – Midnight!

Ramona, 40 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JG


Pico’s Tacos’ Frozen Margarita
Tucked away in Mackie Mayor and Altrincham Market, you’ll find Pico’s Tacos selling authentic Mexican food and drink. Obviously, it goes without saying that this place knows how to do a good Margarita, and it’s a frozen one, too. The perfect summertime tipple, or great if you’ve had a shit day at work and you fancy getting sloshed on alcoholic sorbet!

Pico’s Tacos, Mackie Mayor, 1 Eagle St, Manchester M4 5BU


Henry C’s Oaxacan Sour
Henry C is a neighbourhood cocktail bar providing some of the best drinks in the city, all in a community hub setting. It’s unique take on the Margarita comes in the form of the Oaxacan Sour, which consists of QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal, Ocho Blanco, Lime, Agave Water and Malbec. Don’t ask, it just WORKS.

Henry C’s, 107 Manchester Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9GA


La Capilla’s Spicy Margarita
A Mexican taqueria situated in Heaton Chapel, La Capilla takes its inspiration from South America and adds its own unique twist. The Spicy Margarita is made with Jose Cuervo Silver, Cointreau, Lime and Habanero Sauce, meaning that it has QUITE the kick. It also does a mint Frozen Margarita, which is perfect to wash the spicy one down with!

La Capilla, 410 Manchester Rd, Stockport SK4 5BY


Margarita Festival at Escape to Freight Island
To celebrate Margarita Month, Freight Island has partnered with Patron to create something truly special! Every weekend from Sat 26th February until Sunday 20th March, The Plantroom will transform in to a South American oasis, welcoming a stellar line-up of DJs who will be selling, swapping and playing Vinyls all afternoon long. Not only that, you’ll be able enjoy some extra special tequila-based drinks, made especially for you.

Escape to Freight Island, 11 Baring St, Manchester, M1 2PZ


Strawberry Frozen Margarita at Crazy Pedro’s
The frozen Margarita is probably the best iteration of this classic cocktail because not only does it stay mega cold all the way to the end, but it gives you enough brain freeze to make the drunken-ness hit you just that little bit quicker. Crazy Pedro’s are pretty proud of their massive selection of tequila and mezcal, and so naturally their cocktails pretty much only contain one (or both) of these demon liquids. My personal favourite has to be the sweet-sweet Strawberry Margarita, but you’ll be well served by any of them to be fair. Perfect with a slice and a smile.

Crazy Pedro’s,
55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
Short St, Manchester M1 1JG


Casa Margarita @ El Capo
If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, without any bells or whistles or fireworks piled onto the side of your glass, then El Capo offers a brilliant Casa Margarita which manages to tick all the boxes when you’re looking for some tequila-fuelled fun. The selection of mezcal and tequila within these walls is almost unparalleled within the city, so you know you’re getting the top-quality stuff, with staff that know what they’re going on about. There’s plenty of other tequila-based bevvies on the menu, but in all honesty – you can’t go wrong with the original.

El Capo, 12 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF


Verdita Margarita @ Sandinista
If you ever wanted to see what a family portrait of a Margarita looked like, this is exactly that. Served with the little (non-alcoholic) sibling, Verdita. Made with mint, coriander, chilli, salt and lime its the perfect accompaniment to tequila to help you wash down a shot. Only mixing them together in this way, makes arguably the easiest drinking Margarita you can find. The addition of herbs also makes you believe that its like one of those gross green smoothies – which essentially means it’s good for you. I think.

Sandinista, 2 Old Bank St, City Centre, Manchester M2 7PF
0161 832 9955


New Mexico @ Black Dog
Going full-on US of A with their margarita, Black Dog offer what can be considered a sweet and fizzy twist on a classic. Adding pineapple, Passoa, vanilla AND Prosecco ‘New Mexico’ (Santa Fe believe or not is very well known for its Margarita trails) tastes like a tropical delight. This beauty is a bloody refreshing revelation, much like when you’re sweating your tits off on holiday in Tenerife and you finally get to jump in the pool. It’s also one of those drinks that don’t taste too alcoholic so will get you proper drunk as you keep going back for more.

Black Dog, NQ, Basement Affleck’s Palace, Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PW


Southside’s stand-out Tequila selection 
Southside is Withington’s very own tequila joint, with one of the best tequila selections in the country. The tequilas Southside has in stock change on a weekly basis, but some of the brands you can expect to find include; Fortaleza, G4, Gran Centenario, Herradura, Jose Cuervo, Kah, Lunazul, Maestro Dobel. Obviously, the team also make a MEAN Margarita, too, the traditional way – Blanco, Triple Sec, Lime, Salt Rim. SO GOOD. Today, you can also get BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on all Margarita’s 5pm – 1am to celebrate Margarita Day.

Southside 47-449 Wilmslow Rd, Withington, Manchester M20 4AN


Imli Margarita @ Indian Tiffin Rooms
Having just recently come back from a lovely trip to Mexico City I’ve had a bit of a craving for tamarind which you will manage to find in every nook and cranny over there. They bloody love the stuff and try to shoehorn it into everything, from burgers to milk to booze. If it can go into your mouth – they’re shoving tamarind in it. It’s nice stuff though, which is why it’s a good idea to head on down to Indian Tiffin Rooms who do a Margarita with it in. It’s a revelation and provides a perfect Indian (or Mexican) twist to this already well-established classic. It just seems to go amazingly well with a scorching hot bit of curry too.

Indian Tiffin Rooms, 2 Isabella Banks Street, First Street, Manchester, M15 4RL


Spicy Margarita @ Chakalaka
South African eatery and bar on Oldham Street – Chakalaka – certainly take their spice seriously. There’s a lot of it floating around the fantastic South African dishes on offer here, as well as their unique take on the classic margarita. It’s a spicy one this one – complete with red chilli on the rim – but not too spicy (if you’re worried). Just like Goldilocks I’d say that this one is pretty much ‘just right’ – you can tell there’s spice in there but it’s not going to melt your lips off. Excellent.

Chakalaka, 105a Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LW


Tommy’s Margarita @ Alvarium
Alvarium’s take on the Margarita is pretty classic – featuring ‘Tommy’s’ version of the drink, basically just tequila, lime and agave. The reason this one is so good though is definitely down to owner Brandon’s extensive experience behind bars over the years – meaning you’re getting a cocktail that’s always spot on. With it being in a vegan restaurant – it’s vegan too. And yes, I know that pretty much every single Margarita in the world is vegan – but it’s good to be reminded every once in a while.

Alvarium, Manchester M4 1LU


Maestro’s Mary @ The Pen & Pencil
Always keen to put a little spin on their cocktails, Northern Quarter fave The Pen & Pencil have created the Maestro Marg – a wonderful margarita that comes loaded with smoked tequila and orange bitters. It’s perfectly balanced and almost goes down a little too easily – well, that’s my excuse for getting hammered anyway.

The Pen And Pencil, Fourways House, 57 Hilton St, Manchester M1 2EJ


Pineapple & Jalapeño Margarita @ Luck Lust Liquor & Burn
They (obviously) take margaritas pretty seriously at Luck Lust Liquor & Burn. So seriously in fact that a huge section of their drinks menu is dedicated to them – especially the frozen kind. Favourite amongst these is the outstanding Pineapple & Jalapeño one – a sweet and spicy number that manages to brighten up your day even if your hamster just died. Pair with some tacos and you’ll be bubbling y’all.

Luck Lust Liquor and Burn, 100-102 High St, Manchester M4 1HP