The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 12th -19th July 2019

Terrific selection this week chaps - very well done to the Finest Snufflepigs!

By Manchester's Finest | 19 July 2019

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Lemongrass Sling
The Daisy
Now you unlucky lot won’t be able to get your lips around this for a couple of weeks now, but I have had a little preview of the new menu of cocktails at The Daisy and my favourite by far had to be the Lemongrass Sling. The new menu is all about homemade infusions and syrups which are both used in this drink with delicious, easy-drinking results. – Alex Watson


Nagoya Ramen
This was so good that I got it down me and forgot to take a picture so I’ve had to rely on James’ picture instead. It is the red one in the background just so you know. Anyway, if you like spice you will love this because it is made from a spicy gochujang broth with minced pork, char sui roasted pork belly and crispy crackling and all things good. Terrific, just terrific. – Joe Wilson


Smoked Lamb Shoulder Fregola
I was in love with this Applewood smoked lamb shoulder with Sardinian fregola pasta from Rosso this week. The meat was gorgeous and it came with creamy marinated aubergine and was topped with crisped lamb which was like the best bit of a Sunday roast. Don’t be fooled by the pasta though! It’s not giant couscous but more like thick, chopped up spaghetti which was certainly weird, but I liked it. – Charlotte Warrior


Chicken Katsu Curry
ZUMU @ Dive
It’s dead weird – the other day I was thinking that there was nowhere in the NQ where one can pop in and get a decent katsu curry. There is no way I am mooching all the way to waggas or further when the feeling strikes. But just as I had that thought I caught wind that ZUMU has popped up at Dive for a couple of months serving some EXCELLENT Asian grub. And guess what? They have katsu curry and it is really good! WINNING! – India Morris


Salt Cod Brandade

Volta is my favourite neighbourhood eatery, and I have never been acquainted with one of their weekly specials that I did not like. This week I popped in for a catch up with friends and went for their Salt Cod Brandade which is a sort of cooked dip made with potatoes, poached salt cod and olive oil. It came with sweet oven-roasted tomatoes and capers but a burst of salt and it went tremendously well with a Gin Mare and tonic which was the special of the week too. Why go so Spain when Spain can come to you? – Kate Tighe


Steak Pie
Six by Nico
I know it is a bit left-field – but when my dad goes to the chippie, he always goes for a steak pie, chips and gravy. Although everyone doesn’t think so, steak pies are an institutional choice from the chip-shop, and that is why it made an appearance on the brand new chippie-inspired menu at Six By Nico. Honestly, it was fantastic. The beef shin melted in the mouth, the mushrooms were rich and flavourful and the red wine gravy was out of this world. It was my favourite course out of the six hands down. – James Barker