The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 20th -26th July 2019

It's been hot so there's a fair bit of ice cream and ice lollies in our bellies...

By Manchester's Finest | 26 July 2019

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Jackfruit Nachos
Revolution De Cuba
I bloody love nachos. There is nothing quite like a pile of CRISPS covered in CHEESE and it is even better when there is something extra like pulled pork on top. I had jackfruit on these ones from Revolution de Cuba this week and it BLEW MY MIND! Who knew a weird-looking fruit could taste so much like pork? And who knew it would taste so terrific on nachos? Certainly not I. – Alex Watson


Shredded Lamb Shoulder Souvlaki
The Kitchen at Hatch
I was down Hatch this week taking a hard hat tour of Circle Square and once I’d finished with all of the walking and nodding I was treated to the fantastic ‘The Kitchen’ who offer Greek tacos and souvlaki and are absolutely bloody amazing. I went for the Shredded Lamb Shoulder souvlaki which is pretty much the same as a gyros and came packed with pickled red onion, chipiti spread and the masterstroke – fries. I must say – the corn pita it was all wrapped in was outstanding – well done! – Ben Brown


Roast Chicken
The Counter House
I really hope the weather sticks this weekend because I want nothing more than to sit out on Cutting Room Square and enjoy a wonderful roast from The Counter House. I went last week and had the chicken which was fantastic, beautifully charred and served with all the trimmings including the best roasties I have ever had. You’ll definitely see me there this weekend! – Charlotte Warrior


Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Rolls
Ice Alchemists at Hatch
Put some Lotus biscuits into ANYTHING and I’m going to want to try and eat it so as I scanned the menu at the Ice Alchemists at Hatch this week I just had to have these great ice cream rolls. You’ll have seen these things getting made on videos that get thrown around Facebook all the time and it certainly looks great as the server crushes and spreads the cocktail of biscuit and cream. Once done it I wolfed it down in record time – terrific. – Petr Kaiser


Rabo de Toro
La Bandera
Last night, I went to La Bandera’s second event in their Journey Through Spain series which shipped us to the sunny and charismatic south – Andalucia. This was a seven-course extravaganza, but the stand out star for me was the Rabo de Toro which was oxtail slow-cooked in red wine. Succulent and flavourful in equal measure, it was my favourite dish by miles. – India Morris


Lic Bombay Sapphire Cool Mint & Ginger Ice Lolly
Okay so we all know that it’s been hot this week. Like really, really fucking hot. On Wednesday I went into Argos to buy a BBQ and every single person in there was buying a fan – I’ve never seen the staff looking so stressed out in case they sold out of them. Anyway we got a visit from a lovely woman from The Botanist who gave us these mega Lic Ice Lollies – which had loads of gin in them and were super refreshing. I must commend anyone who works at the Lic for a job well done – if I ever meet any of you I’ll give you a massive kiss and a cuddle for sorting me out. – Ben Brown


Smoked Haddock Croquettes
Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, I found a hidden gem in the Northern Quarter. TNQ has been about for ages, but it isn’t the sort of place that everyone thinks of when it comes to eating in the NQ. That should change immediately because it is fantastic. I went for a work lunch this week and the best part about it were these fish croquettes. They were lovely and crisp and come with a sweet pea puree and saffron aioli which was just what I wanted to eat on a sunny day.  – Ellie Edginton


Tribute Burger
Honest Burger
I’ve been meaning to get into Honest Burger for ages now since it opened on Bridge Street a few months ago. I finally made my pilgrimage this week and I sampled the fantastic Tribute Burger. The delicious patty (cooked medium rare as standard) was paired with American cheese, bacon, burger sauce, pickles, onion, French’s mustard and a portion of those legendary garlic and rosemary chips. I cannot wait to come back. – Kate Tighe


Nolets Reserve
I was invited down to 1837, the small cocktail bar inside Alston Bar & Beef, to try what is probably the most expensive bottle of gin in the UK. It’s called Nolets Reserve and comes in at around £700 a bottle and around £60 a shot. Wowzas! As someone who always says that ALL gin tastes the same, regardless of brand, I was certainly eating my words afterwards. Of course it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to spend £60 on one shot of gin but in case you’re wondering it was VERY smooth, VERY strong and VERY tasty. – Jake Hardy