The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 2nd - 9th November

Not as much booze this week as usual, which my doctor will be pleased with. More cheese though, which she won't.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 25 January 2019

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Crab Shack Bagel
Eat New York
It isn’t a secret that the Pastrami bagel game over at Eat New York is a strong one – but their other options are pretty phenomenal too. Take their Crab Shack Bagel, for example, which takes a liberal helping of crab claw and pairs it with crispy bacon, avocado, red onion and chipotle infused Marie Rose sauce. The bacon and crab was a match made in heaven and the heat from the chipotle was a welcome surprise. Top marks. – Kate Tighe


Curry Wurst
From Get Wurst @ Manchester Coffee Festival
It is safe to say that Curry Wurst is one of the finest things you can eat in Berlin. It sounds gross – but it’s basically sausage covered in curry-ketchup and served with fries. It isn’t something you see here very often, so you can imagine my excitement when we found Get Wurst at the Manchester Coffee Festival last weekend. I went down the classic route and topped mine off with sauerkraut, gherkins and crispy shallots – das ist lecker!  – Petr Kaiser


50 Shades of Earl Grey
Behind Closed Doors
Nothing beats a smutty cocktail from Behind Closed Doors. One of the city’s finest speakeasy bars – BCD can boast a pretty impressive menu of cocktails – like the 50 Shades of Earl Grey for example – a delectable mix of Portobello Road Gin, Earl Grey tea, honey, lemon and lavender. This drink is a grown-up brew and a half! – James Barker


Chicken & Ham Pie
Bay Horse Tavern
Nothing satisfies our Northern taste buds like Bay Horse Tavern’s pie and chips! Of course, I went for their Chicken and Ham Pie and I am not lying to you when I say it was one of the best pies I’ve ever had in my whole life – as soon as I’d finished, I just wanted to order another. Served with a side of delicious homemade thick cut chips, and a decent portion of gravy to smother it all in… I am salivating just thinking about it. It was everything you would ever want pie and chips to be- and the sort of stuff you dream about. – Ellie Edginton


Palmetto Moonshine
The Old School BBQ Bus
There’s a lot of brilliant things about the Old School BBQ Bus in Failsworth – there’s the meat, the wings, the hot sauce, the music, the fact that you can wear cowboy boots and a Stetson and not get laughed at, but this week I experienced a drink revelation in the form of their strong-as-fuck moonshine. 3 shots of this was enough to have me slurring my words – it was great – and in fact, this is the only place outside of South Carolina where you can get it so if you’re in the area – you’d be a silly sausage not to get involved. –Ben Brown


Diavola Pizza
Proove, West Didsbury
Nothing beats your friendly neighbourhood pizzeria – and down in West Didsbury, we are lucky enough to have a cracking one. Proove offers a range of Neapolitan style pizzas and Sicilian street food like arancini and fritto misto. I always go for the Funghi pizza – but this week I branched out and went for the Diavola instead. This was stacked with Nudja, fennel salami, chillies, tomatoes and Foir de Latte mozzarella cheese and basically, I am now converted. – Kate Tighe