The Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 8th - 15th March

Two burgers in a week? I love my job.

By Manchester's Finest | 15 March 2019

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Pastrami Mac & Cheese
The Chorlton Green
Eat New York have been guesting in the kitchen of The Chorlton Green for a little while now, and things must be going well because they have just launched an evening menu which is fantastic. They have some lovely refined dishes like steak and pan-fried seabass, but the thing that really blew me away was the pastrami mac and cheese. Creamy, cheesy and all things good topped off with a great big slab of their home made pastrami which was tender, salty and crisp in equal measure. Top marks. – Kate Tighe


Original Rocky Road Ice Cream Stout
The Bay Horse Tavern
I spied a cheeky bottle in The Bay Horse this week, a bottle that comes adorned with a swirl of ice cream on the front. It’s a Rocky Road Ice Cream beer from Buxton Brewery and it’s quite possibly one of the best liquids that humans have ever created. It’s also 10% so one bottle will get you rat-arsed. This comes wholeheartedly endorsed by Ben Brown and if anyone from Buxton Brewery is reading this – send us a crate. – Ben Brown


Mackerel Wrap
Fin Fish Bar @ Mackie Mayor
I love a trip to Mackie Mayor on a weekend. It is really such a crowd pleaser- especially when you are with people who have various dietary requirements. I ventured over to Fin Fish Bar this time and sampled the delicious mackerel wrap. My housemates don’t let me cook mackerel at home because it STINKS to high heaven so it was a bit of a treat for me. It came with harissa, a bit of yoghurt, chilli, lemon and leaves. Sometimes the simple things are the most beautiful. – Kate Tighe


The Tribute Burger 
Honest Burger
Honest Burger is coming to Manchester and they’ve popped up this week at Northern Monk to give us a little taste of what is to come. I sampled the namesake ‘honest burger’ which was stacked with bacon, American cheese, pickles, onions, mustard and came served with the most amazing (thick cut) rosemary fries. The burger was served bloody as standard which made things extra juicy and those fries were outrageous too- especially when dipped in their bacon and beef gravy. – James Barker


Raspberry Jam doughnut
Siop Shop
When I pop over to Siop Shop I usually go for the vanilla doughnut, but on a whim, I decided to venture out into the unknown and go for the raspberry jam one and it was amazing. I never realised a jam doughnut could taste so fucking good and it always amazes me how light airy their doughnuts are. I had a very nice cup of coffee too. – Kate Tighe


The FoodWell Burger
I must be honest and say that FoodWell probably isn’t somewhere that I’d ever think of going. Any mention of ‘wellbeing’ usually sends me running to the hills with a 2 litre bottle of White Lightning and a massive bag of Wotsits. But I was in there this week and not only was I very impressed with the whole outfit, I also tried one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. It was meaty, juicy and very tasty and it put a big smile on my face almost instantly. Thank you FoodWell. – Ben Brown


Milk Punch
Henry C’s
I know we say it a lot, but Henry C’s is the best bar in the suburbs without a shadow of a doubt. I went down to have a chat with them this week and had a few drinks. Not only are they lovely people, they seriously know their stuff about drinks, and nothing is a testament to this more than their Milk Punch. The drink takes milk washed Bourbon and pairs it with Madagascan vanilla, burnt caramel bitters, sugar, citric acid and tops it up with soda. It’s basically a grown-up cream soda and quite frankly, I don’t want to drink anything else ever again. – Kate Tighe