The Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 1st - 7th March

Featuring Pedro's pizza, kebabs, Tokyo Ramen and a serious Bloody Mary...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 15 March 2019

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Ped Thai
Crazy Pedro’s

I’ve got to say after I tried a slice of the classic margarita pizza from Pedro’s it was going to take me a lot to change my favourite- especially by one of the weird and wonderful specials. However, I have got to say that the March special – the Ped Thai- is an absolute banger. Noodles (yes, noodles), delicious chicken, beansprouts, red and green chillies, coriander and all topped off with a tasty peanut sauce. Weird? Yes. Delicious? Definitely. – Kate Tighe


Bloody Mary
Eat New York

Not only is this Bloody Mary at Eat New York massive, but it’s also perfectly balanced between booze, spice and tomato – oh and it comes with a fried pickle and a mac & cheese finger on top. It’s very much like a meal in a glass – which is how a Bloody Mary should be and it sorted my stinking hangover out almost instantly. Ticked all the boxes really. – Ben Brown


Tantanmen Ramen
Tokyo Ramen

Fried chicken and noodles in one serving is a dream come true if you ask me. I managed to get to Tokyo Ramen before they sold out last this week and I got stuck into a steaming bowl of the Tantanmen ramen made with chicken broth, fried chicken, chilli oil for a bit of heat, kale and roasted garlic sesame. Quite frankly, it was FIT and I’m hoping to head out for my second bowl this weekend.- James Barker


Chickpea Curry

This one’s a bit of a cheat because not only was this chickpea curry bloody tasty – I also had a considerable hand in creating it. My skills in the curry-related arena are unchallenged by many and it showed last Saturday as I took part in a Zouk Cookery Class. Not only did I have a right good laugh – I also helped create one of the greatest curries in existence. I can’t guarantee that yours will be as good as the one I made, but it should be pretty close. – Ben Brown


Lamb Kebab

I’ve been a bit reluctant to go to BAB to tell you the truth. I am a loyal customer to my local kebab shop which I reckon does the best ‘babs in town (I won’t name any names). However, I sampled the lamb kebab from BAB last week and it really blew me away. The meat was perfectly cooked and flavourful with a good amount of charring from the flame cooking. The crunchy carrot salad and radicchio really did it for me though as it brought loads of texture to contrast with the succulent lamb. That chilli sauce is the stuff of legend too! – Kate Tighe


Beetroot & Feta Chips
Seasoned @ Hatch

I’ve always said that The Bay Horse Tavern has the BEST chips in the city. Perhaps even the world when I really think about it. Coming a very close second though are one of the newest Street Food traders at Hatch – Seasoned who offer a range of loaded fries – all of which are out of this ‘effing world. I had a selection last week but I must say that the Beetroot & Feta ones took my breath away. Excellent work guys! – Ben Brown