Bundobust flip Iceland ‘cease and desist’ into charity drive

Calm down, Iceland. It was just a bit of fun...

By Ben Arnold | 18 December 2023

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A simple Christmas gag which found Indian streetfood fave Bundobust slapped with a ‘cease and desist’ order is being flipped into a charity campaign.

Last week, Bundo’s received a ‘formal complaint’ from the frozen food giant, after they used the phrase ‘Spiceland’ in a post to their social media accounts, referring to their Christmas special menu as a ‘Spiceland Party Buffet’.

It didn’t go down well with the high street giant, and Bundobust was soon served with a strongly-worded letter telling them to take it down.

They’re now responding in the best way they can – and trying to help a few people out at Christmas along the way.

So, anyone eating at Bundobust up to 23 December is being invited to bring along an Iceland gift card with a value of £20 or more, and exchange it for a voucher for a free Combo or Vegan Combo for 2 worth £35, redeemable in January or February.

Bundobust will then donate all the Iceland gift cards to the Trussell Club food banks.

“Bundo followers loved the original Spiceland post, and then the follow-up post mentioning the letter from Iceland’s lawyers got even more of a response, so we had a chat among the team about ways we could turn that momentum into something positive,” said Marko Husak, Bundobust co-founder.

“And to show that there’s no hard feelings, we wanted to make sure Iceland were included as well – so buy a gift card from them, get a free Combo for 2 from Bundo, and local food banks receive the vouchers. Everyone’s a winner!”

Indeed they are.