The Grindsmith Re-usable Coffee Capsule

The coffee shop have developed their own coffee pod that's better for the environment...

By Manchester's Finest | 29 June 2020

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There are some really shocking statistics revolving around those little coffee pods that people use in their coffee machines.

Since their introduction in machines like Nespresso, Tassimo and Keurig a few years back, they’ve taken the coffee world by storm, with even Iceland now selling them in between the Daddies sauce and Victoria Sponge.

The stats though, speak for themselves. Approximately 40,000 capsules are produced every minute globally and up to 30,000 of these end up in landfill – and even the recyclable aluminium ones are rarely recycled properly.

That’s why Manchester coffee shop Grindsmith have created their own coffee pod which is completely RE-USABLE – a package that includes a reusable capsule, a tamper, a scoop and a brush – all meaning you can make the capsules yourself, pop ’em in your machine and then re-use it afterwards.

Their first 200 units will launch in July/August and if you want one – get in touch below for more details…

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