The Central Perk Café from Friends is coming to Manchester

Calling all Friends fans (basically, everyone)- there is a Friends-themed café coming to Manchester next month...

By Manchester's Finest | 11 June 2019

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…and it’s going to be just like the real thing.

To celebrate 25 years of priceless comedy, catch-phrases and drama, the iconic coffee house will be fully stocked with Friends memorabilia, a Friends shopping area and even a replica of the original orange sofa (I wonder if they had to ‘pivot’ that up the stairs?)

If your life is a joke and you’re broke, where is the first place you’d think of going for some new knickers or a shirt? Primark, obviously, which is why The Central Perk’s temporary new home will be inside the Market Street branch for a limited time only.

The café will open on Wednesday 12th June and will be selling limited edition memorabilia, including clothes, mugs, canvases and tote bags.

There will also be a New York-inspired drinks made from ethically-sourced products and compostable cups, because are you even a Friends fan if you don’t sit on a big orange sofa and drink out of a giant coffee cup? Basically, you’re going to love it more than Joey loves sandwiches – and that is saying something.

As Janice would say, OH… MY…GOD.


Central Perk Café

Venue: Primark, Market Street
Date: From Wednesday 12th June