Christmas & Cocktails at Grafene

Everyone knows that Christmas is about 3 things. 1 - getting a Buzz Lightyear. 2 - Food and 3. Booze.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 27 November 2017

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I’m very much in the booze camp myself, and take every opportunity to blame Christmas for the variously disgusting states I find myself in during the month of December.

To help me with this, and anyone else who likes to drown their sorrows in these cold winter months, Grafene have introduced some new Christmas cocktails including everyone’s favourite The Snowball!

In addition, they can also be enjoyed as part of Grafene’s 5 ‘o Clocktails offer – only £5 each every weekday after 5pm.

Lavender Falls
Gin, Violet, Cranberry, Citrus, Strawberry

New York Sour
Bourbon, Lemon, Egg White, Sugar, Red Wine

Pear Alexander
Cognac, Pear, Chocolate, Cream, Nutmeg

Sloe Gin Collins
Sloe Gin, Citrus, Sugar, Sparkling Water

Advocaat, Vodka, Lime, Lemonade

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