City turn to Manchester's Independent Food & Craft Beer Heroes this Season

Gone are the commercial lagers and soggy burgers off the back of a van...

By Ben Brown | 24 August 2021

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To welcome back fans to the Etihad this Saturday with their fixture against Norwich City, Man City have unveiled a brand-new line up of food and drink options for fans, and they’ve turned to the city’s vibrant indie scene for help.

They’ve roped in seven local food operators and four local craft breweries to provide more choice for fans, as well as supporting local businesses within the Manchester community and reducing food miles.

The new artisan craft brews will be featured across all areas of the stadium, with local beers from Beatnikz Republic, Seven Brothers, Track Brewing Co. and Runaway Brewery – all of which are within a stone’s throw from the stadium itself, except for Seven Brothers (who are in Salford) but who have a Taphouse on Cutting Room Square in Ancoats.

These four breweries join seven new independent local food operators who will be taking over space in ‘City Square’ on matchdays to serve up grub from two hours before kick off at every game.

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

Fans can expect to see HM Pasties, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, Triple B & Eat New York, Oh So British Kitchen, The Hip Hop Chip Shop, Panchos Burritos and South Manny Flavaz representing.

Great news for all of the operators and a truly class move from Man City. This move will give fans and visitors a true Manchester experience throughout, and it’s certainly something that other footy teams should adopt.

Good luck to all the operators on Saturday – and to City too against Norwich.