COMING SOON: Stuffed Pizza & Garlic Bread 'Burritos'

Well, 'Doughrito' is a more accurate description...

By Manchester's Finest | 17 August 2021

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American Pies have certainly impressed since arriving in the city centre just after lockdown in March, and with the people behind Brewski in charge, you can always be assured of some proper naughty treats on the menu.

The main focus is Chicago-style pizzas; huge, thick pies just loaded with sauce, toppings and LOADS of cheese – I mean, just check out their Instagram for some proper food porn and easily the best cheese pulls in the entire city.

Offering something different to the already well-populated Neapolitan-style pizza scene here in the city, this is the only place you can get yourself a proper Chicago-style pie – and these things are MASSIVE – meaning you’ll probably have to end up sharing one of them with your other half or a couple of mates.

In addition to the pizzas, American Pies also offer up some inventive and impressive sides and platters – all of which are the perfect accompaniment to your pizza – and just as naughty. Garlic knots, Fried Chicken Parms, Deep-fried Duck Lasagne Bites, Lamb & Oregano Meatballs… and coming to the menu in September – the ‘Doughrito’.

Yep, they’ve managed to combine pizza and the king of all Mexican food – the burrito. These things are made from a pizza base, before being packed up with a variety of delicious fillings such as fried chicken and then wrapped up into a burrito shaped roll, before being topped with cheese and lashings of pizza sauce.

The finer details surrounding the doughrito range have been kept tightly under wraps (no pun intended), though it has been confirmed that they will be available from September 13th.

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