COMING SOON: The Chicken Wing, Wraps & Waffles Shipping Container Mini 'Village'

The Oh My Glaze team now have a place to call home...

By Ben Brown | 12 October 2021

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Kicking things off back in 2015, two best mates, Adam Thomas and Scott Graham started Oh My Glaze, offering up a menu of seriously good chicken wings and wraps – coated in their signature homemade glazes.

Fast-forward a few years and the pair opened up the massively popular The Spinn in Gatley, gaining national notoriety with their 3-Tiered ‘Boris Burger’ in December last year and being nominated for countless awards for their food and service throughout lockdown.

Well, it seems that Oh My Glaze has now found a new home, and it’s in one of the most popular shopping destinations in the UK – the Trafford Centre!

They’re set to create a little shipping container ‘village’ in the car park outside of The Great Hall, offering up an Oh My Glaze kitchen serving up wings, wraps and burgers, alongside a bar and even a ‘Dessert Glaze Station‘ offering up “everything from waffles to crêpes”.

Oh My Glaze will be offering a mouth-watering menu, from their famous wraps to burgers and chicken wings, all coated in their famous glazes to create an unexpected taste – including Mexican Chipotle Chocolate and Spicy Banana Reaper. There will also be a specially created ‘Dome Burger’, exclusive to the Trafford Centre.

If you’ve ever had some of the delights from Oh My Glaze, or indeed at The Spinn (which features its own dedicated Oh My Glaze menu of wraps and all of OMG’s sauces and wings, then you should be pretty excited to see them arrive at the Trafford Centre.

Their wings are superb, especially the Hot Wings coated with their Banana Reaper Glaze, which combines a seriously fiery bit of spice with a subtle sweetness.

Sounds mega, and it’s great to hear that a Manchester independent have been considered for the location, one which has traditionally been dominated entirely by national chains. Oh My Glaze can certainly give the big boys a run for their money and we’ll be sure to head down there when they open.


Oh My Glaze is launching on Friday 29th October. For developments, follow Oh My Glaze on socials…

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