The Counter House:  A wonderful example of true neighbourhood dining in Ancoats

Ancoats just got themselves a brand new neighbourhood eatery…and we think we are in love!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 15 March 2019

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The Counter House is a brand new all-day restaurant and bar that opened in Cutting Room Square just a few weeks ago.

The stunning space features a lengthy open kitchen, a 62 cover restaurant which serves food all day from the morning until midnight, as well as a beautifully stocked bar in a stunning historic space.

The building itself is unapologetically rustic with an aesthetic which is Ancoats through and through with high ceilings and exposed brick which harks back to the areas industrial past.

As for the fit out, well let’s just say that they’ve got it spot on. A huge living wall of plants sits on the back wall which brings a great pop of colour and a real ‘urban jungle’ vibe against the brick.

The space is light and breezy which is laid back and comfortable in the day. In daylight, The Counter House is great for a brunch, lunch, meeting or even a quick coffee or a juice after a workout.

In the evening, however, The Counter House takes on a completely different personality and provides a place great for after work drinks or an atmospheric dinner.

What’s more, on top of the lovely original features, everything inside The Counter House has sustainability in mind. The floor is made from reclaimed wood, for example, and some of the tables are made from recycled yoghurt pots.

You may think that this is a small thing to get excited about, but the truth is this approach to the environment and sustainability in the interior is something close to the heart of The Counter House, and it doesn’t stop with the décor.

The food and drink offering has sustainability at its core also, and the minds behind The Counter House strive to glean their ingredients from local sources wherever possible.

As for the food itself, they really have covered all bases. No really, they have. I’m talking breakfast, brunch, salads, small plates, freshly baked treats, raw baking, sandwiches, grills and desserts– but all in a beautifully concise and well-curated menu.

The menu takes inspiration from every corner of the world – such as Indian spiced dahl, Moroccan harissa chicken salad, Jamaican jerk jackfruit or Japanese bone broth beef ramen. A globetrotting menu with plenty of options for every dietary requirement.

As for the drinks, the bar can boast freshly pressed juices, cocktails, craft beers, natural and organic wines– which is practically anything and everything you would want from your drinking experience and all set within a breathtaking space you will just fall in love with.

The Counter House is a chameleon that fits your every want and mood. It really lets you be who you want to be whether it is while enjoying a laid back brunch, a Friday night cocktail with your work-crew or somewhere just to sit by yourself and watch the world go by.

Ancoats’ latest hot-spot has you completely covered from morning until midnight – and I have no doubt in my mind that you will fall head over heels with The Counter House the minute you step through its doors.

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The Counter House, 35 Blossom Street, Manchester, M4 6AJ