The Counter House’s Mid-Week Breakfast Reviewed

We love The Counter House – and for a very good reason.

By Manchester's Finest | 26 April 2019

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First off, the space is GORGEOUS. A vision in exposed brick and reclaimed furniture the whole place feels very, very Ancoats. It makes the perfect place for a quick coffee, business breakfast, atmospheric dinner or after-work drink.

As for the food, they make sure everyone is looked after. From vegans to carnivores to people with intolerances to those of us who just want something a little bit naughty- they really have something for everyone from morning until night.

I went down bright and early one morning to check out their mid-week breakfast offering, and *spoiler* I wasn’t disappointed.

As an avid meat eater, I was surprised that I was instantly drawn to the Vegan Full breakfast (£9). There was something about that ‘aubergine bacon’ which certainly tickled my fancy- and it turns out it did not disappoint.

Wafer-thin slices of aubergine were well seasoned with salt, pepper and cumin before being fried. Crisp and delicate it was the most ideal plant-based alternative to bacon I have ever come across.

The breakfast also included vegan sausages which were pretty convincing, scrambled tofu flavoured with turmeric, a satisfying potato fritter, beans, mushrooms and grilled tomato. Honestly, it was fantastic, and I didn’t find myself longing for meat/dairy alternatives once.

If you are looking for a light dish to start off your morning, I would look no further than the Live Yoghurt Bowl (£4.50). Creamy and ice cold, this yoghurt was spiked with vanilla and topped with fresh blueberries, juicy raspberries, chia seeds and crunchy, sweet maple glazed pecans which I was obsessed with.

On the other hand, a slightly more indulgent dish on the breakfast menu would be the Eggs Royale with Hot Smoked Salmon (£9.50). Eggs Royale is a staple dish on any brunch menu, and I have eaten so many in the past that I am subsequently quite a hard girl to please.

But let me tell you, the eggs royale at The Counter House is a serious contender. Firstly, I liked that they opted for flaky hot smoked salmon instead of the (sometimes slimy) cold smoked variety.

I also enjoyed the smashed avocado on top of the Trove sourdough toast as this really killed two birds with one stone by including my other brunchtime favourite- avocado on toast.  The creamy avocado also complimented the delicately savoury notes of the fish in the best way possible.

The eggs were perfectly cooked and runny with bright orange yolks which I was happy to see. Equally, the hollandaise was rich and buttery which was everything it needed and more.

This all washed down with a couple of cups of freshly ground Ancoats coffee, I can safely say we were ready to take on the day and with service starting at 9 am it made the perfect place to scoff down a quick breakfast before heading out into the world. But, it is good to remember, that if you aren’t a morning person, these stunning dishes are also available all day Monday-Friday. 

All in all, if you are looking for a mid-week breakfast – I would say The Counter House takes the biscuit every time. Get booked in ASAP if it is the last thing you do!


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The Counter House, 35 Blossom Street, Manchester, M4 6AJ