Diecast unveils its Christmas ‘Winterhood’ concept with a ‘Fairytale of NYC’ beer hall, night market and ‘winter trailer park’

It's the most winterhood time of the year...

By Ben Arnold | 13 October 2023

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Diecast is hurling itself into the festive spirit, and creating a new ‘winterhood’ for its first Christmas season.

The 50,000 sq ft warehouse kitchen, beer hall, performance space, party destination and ‘creative neighbourhood’ will go headlong into full ‘Christmassification’ mode, transforming the venue for that most wonderful time of the year.

The beer garden rum trailers will be tinseled to the max for Christmas parties, with marshmallow toasting, campfires, hot chocolate, donuts, a winter garden, a dancefloor and some sparkling Christmas lights.

They will also be setting up their own Christmas night market with vintage stalls, to sit alongside its newly opened ‘convenience store’, styled like a New York-style bodega, which will be hosting ‘cornershop karaoke’.

Diecast Beer Hall

As well as the transformation of the trailer park, the back section of the venue will be officially opened up as a Brooklyn-inspired beer hall, which will be dubbed the ‘Fairytale of NYC’, a nod to the Pogues’ Christmas classic.

They’ll be serving beer in steins, bratwursts and bagels, alongside a Prosecco and Black Martini bar, while in the main warehouse kitchen they’ll be offering festive candlelit dining.

It all kicks off on November 1, running right up to December 30.

The ‘Winterhood’ concept is just the latest scheme from the Diecast crew. They’ve also just launched their new Thursday night party LA Bang, which features ‘raucous, live and debauched performances’.