This Dive Bar has the City's Biggest & Best Selection of Bourbon

With 90 bottles of the stuff, every day is World Bourbon Day at Bunny Jacksons!

By Ben Brown | 14 June 2019

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Friday 14th June sees another one of those ‘Awareness Days’ roll around – the kind of day that they talk endlessly about on GMTV because nothing much has happened in the news since 9am the previous day.

Well this one is a bit better than most – it’s World Bourbon Day on Friday 14th June and thus you now have an excuse to drink too much, try some oddities that you’ve never had before and generally make a fool of yourself. The added benefit of it being a Friday will be lost on none of us it seems.

There’s no better place to celebrate than Bunny Jackson’s – who I’m pleased to say have the city’s biggest and best selection of American bourbons and sour mash whiskeys – standing at around 90 bottles of the damn stuff – a mightily impressive haul I’m sure you’ll agree.

But where to start? You don’t just want your bog-standard Jack Daniels now do you!? There’s SO much more on offer – so we went down and spoke to the very knowledgeable (and very attractive) staff to get the low down on this most American of whiskies.

One of their most impressive bottles is surely Basil Hayden’s – a Kentucky Straight Bourbon that is considered to be one of the best in the world – attributed to the fact that Basil decided to add rye into the traditional corn-based mashbill and create something mindbogglingly smooth.

Another bottle that you probably won’t see anywhere else EVER is Bunny’s bottle of Pappy Van Winkle’s 23-Year-Old Family Reserve – a bourbon that is considered by many an aficionado as an ‘orgasm in a glass’.

One of the more popular whiskies is the Wild Turkey 81 Proof Bourbon, a sweet bourbon that’s supposed to have weird notes like toffee popcorn and caramelised bananas. It packs a punch and goes really, really well with ginger beer or anything that has a hint of spice.

Certainly, the most favourite at Bunny’s is the Four Roses, and certainly a dead easy choice when you’re struggling to make a decision. You’ll find it in one of their best cocktails on the menu – the Brand New York Sour, which serves up Four Roses with lemon, maple syrup and port.

With so much bourbon on offer it can be quite daunting deciding which one to have – but that’s where the lovely staff come in. They know their shit so ask ’em – get it on the rocks or in a cocktail and enjoy World Bourbon Day every day.


Every Friday is Old Fashioned Friday at Bunny Jackson’s where you can get them for £5 between 5pm and 7pm.