FREE Choo Choo Éclairs with Vocation's NEW Crunchie Chocolate Beer

Vocation's new stout tastes exactly like Cadbury's Crunchie...

By Manchester's Finest | 21 September 2021

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Cadbury’s Crunchie is definitely up there in the Top Tier of chocolate bars. Up there with the Caramac and the mighty KitKat, Crunchie’s are one of Cadbury’s best – and not even a change in chocolate quality can diminish this wonderful bar.

Why am I talking about Crunchies?

Well, Vocation brewery have created a brand-new Honeycomb Chocolate Stout, which tastes EXACTLY like them and this September they’re offering up a special deal with Choo Choo éclair at Escape to Freight Island.

On Saturday 25th September, buy a pint of Vocation’s Honeycomb Chocolate Stout at Escape to Freight Island and you will get a FREE Choo Choo Crunchie Éclair!

Based up on the hilltops of Cragg Vale in Hebden Bridge, Vocation started brewing their beer out of an old, converted turkey shed.

From small beginnings to globally celebrated craft brand, Vocation have grown over the last few years to become a true force to be reckoned with within the brewing community.

Their new Honeycomb Chcocoate Beer is a sticky sweet 7% stout, inspired by one of the best chocolate bars ever, with honeycomb flavours and a creamy, deep malt base. It’s luxurious, smooth and moreish.

The Choo Choo Éclair offer is available on Saturday 25th September at Escape to Freight Island, but also available at all Dockyard bars, Gasworks Brew Bar & The Produce Hall who will be handing out 10 eclairs for the first lucky customers followed by Crunchie bars until stock runs out.

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If you’d like to start stocking beers like Honeycomb Chocolate Stout and other specials from Vocation, drop an email to and quote Manchester’s Finest in the title for 10% of your first trade order. 


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