FREE drinks when you Beat the Bartender at ping pong in Twenty Twenty Two

Right, who’s feeling competitive then?

By Steven Pankhurst | 29 January 2019

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If you haven’t been over to Twenty Twenty Two you haven’t really lived and just in case you didn’t know what I’m even referring to,  it is a bar and ping pong hall tucked away in a quiet corner of the Northern Quarter.

They have drinks, they have amazing music, but most importantly, they have PING PONG TABLES – and before you pooh-pooh it, let me tell you how much fun it is when you are a little tipsy.

Granted, ping pong brought up connotations of shitty holiday kids clubs for a long time, but after I went down to Twenty Twenty Two one evening that all changed. I also learnt that I was much more competitive than I ever thought I was.

Now I’ve become a cocky little shit when it comes to Ping Pong – so I am going to have to give their Beat the Bartender Challenge a go to put me back in my place.

On Thursday nights, when you buy a round of drinks, you can challenge the bartender to a game (for free!) and if you beat them – you get your round doubled. If you lose- you have to live with that shame for the rest of your life.

Bear in mind that the Twenty Twenty Two staff probably play a spot of ping pong quite often on their breaks and when they are supposed to be cleaning up, so do not face the challenge unless you really feel like you have a chance in beating them.

Up for the challenge? Get yourselves down to Twenty Twenty Two and Beat the Bartender!


Beat The Bartender at Twenty Twenty Two

Buy a round of drinks. Challenge a bartender to a game of ping-pong. Win and you get another round of drinks for FREE!

Date: Every Thursday
Time: From 8pm


Twenty Twenty Two, 20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ
0161 237 9360