Get 3 Strikes in a Row and WIN at Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl have introduced Strike It Lucky - get 3 strokes in a row and your next game will be free for you and 3 mates.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 13 November 2018

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So with such a good offer on the table I thought it a great idea to see how to actually get more strikes in a game. Is it the ball? Is it the angles? Or is it just how bloody fast you can throw it? Let’s see…

Check your Balls

So the main consensus on choosing a ball for your throw is one of balance. Sure, if you spent 60 hours in the gym last week and want to show off to your date – you’re going to want to throw something heavy.

But a heavy ball means more momentum, which means the pins are going to fly UP instead of across, and if you want a strike – those pins are going to have to hit each other.

So instead choose a lighter ball, not only will you be able to throw it harder and faster, but it will work better for getting you them strikes.

Run Up

If you speak to Fred Flintstone or Homer Simpson or any of the fellas out of The Big Lebowski, they will wholeheartedly recommend the 4 step run up. Everyone does it.

As long as you don’t try and piss about on your tip toes – you’ll be fine. Stand on the foul line, turn around, take 4 steps and start your run up from here.


Eye on the Prize

When you’re deciding where to send the ball – don’t focus on the pins. Instead you need to focus on the arrows that go down the alley – that’s what they’re there for.

For the perfect Strike shot you need to get the ball in ‘the pocket’. The pocket is the point between the one-pin and the three-pin (or the two-pin if you’re left handed).

To hit ‘the pocket’ perfectly aim for the ball to roll over the second arrow from the right (or the left if you’re left handed) – this will ensure you hit the pocket every time.

Follow Through

One of the most important bits of advice going, when throwing the ball don’t just let your hand flail about as you let go – follow your arm through in the direction you want it to go.

This ensures you get a much more precise and powerful through, as well as making sure you let go of the ball at the right time and don’t look a dick head.

Curve It

This is much more of a pro tip, but if you want to get those strikes every single time – you’re going to have to start learning how to curve the ball. It takes some serious practice to get right, but if you can do it – you’re seriously going to impress whoever you’re trying to get off with.

To do it, use your thumb to rotate the ball as you throw it. If you’re right handed you’ll need to rotate it towards the 10 o’clock position, left handed to 2 o’clock. It’s not the easiest thing to do but how do you get the Carnegie Hall? Practice innit.

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