Get ALL DAY £5 Double Gin & Tonics at this NQ Pub this World Gin Day

The Bay Horse Tavern will be offering £5 double Portobello Road Gin & Tonics ALL DAY.

By Ben Brown | 7 June 2019

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Quite possibly one of the greatest days in the yearly calendar (after World Buckfast Day of course), World Gin Day is this Saturday 8th June and to celebrate The Bay Horse Tavern in the NQ are offering up an absolute belter of a deal – £5 Double Gin & Tonics ALL DAY.

In a time when even a pint will cost you over a fiver in most places, this is some monumental news and if I hadn’t decided that I should never drink ever again, I’d be there getting tanked up on botanicals and junipers like the rest of you. (Responsibly of course).

On top of the offer, the Bay Horse have also got together with the good people at Portobello Road gin and have created their very own gin – one which looks to pay homage to the pub’s history (as well as looking to its future).

The Bay Horse Tavern Portobello Road Gin adds fresh BAY LEAVES to the formula, adding a warming herbal note, while DRIED HAY adds texture and a unique sweetness to the finish. You’ll also find CORIANDER, PINK PEPPER, ORANGE and LEMON in there – all coming together to create a highly unique gin that you can only get at the Bay Horse.

Oh and you know the hidden Beer Garden at the back of the pub? Well it’s been made into a splendid Gin Garden.

So get yourself down to The Bay Horse this Saturday 8th June for what can only be described as a gin-fuelled extravaganza. Who am I kidding – I’ll be there of course and even though I’ve promised not to make an absolute fool of myself again – with £5 doubles – there’ll be a tiny bit of tomfoolery I’m sure.


World Gin Day at The Bay Horse Tavern
£5 Double Portobello Road Gin & Tonics

Venue: The Bay Horse Tavern
Date: Saturday 8th June
Time: All Day
Cost: Errr £5

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The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799