Get your Name on YOUR OWN Bar Stool in the Best Pub in Manchester

I may be slightly biased but this is the BEST THING EVER!

By Manchester's Finest | 14 April 2020

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Okay, so many businesses are rightly selling vouchers at the moment – ready for people to get out of lockdown and go crazy in the venues in a few weeks’ time (hopefully).

One such place is The Bay Horse Tavern, the Northern Quarter boozer who are offering up 50% EXTRA on their vouchers if you by them now – so if you buy £10 you get £15 to spend, £20 you get £30 to spend etc… Excellent.


They’re also offering something SO much better than that though. You can now buy your very own PERSONALISED BAR STOOL – complete with your name and a lovely 10% OFF for a FULL YEAR. All for only £150.

So, support your local independent boozer as well as supporting your own arse next time you’re in there with your very own bar stool.

It’s likely I’ll be in there too – so buy us a drink too please?


Personalised Bar Stool @ The Bay Horse Tavern
++ 10% OFF for a year

Date: Available NOW
Cost: £150

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