A Healthy Drink for Every Occasion at Oke Poke

We are all on the go so much that it is easy to forget about what we are putting into our bodies. Luckily, Oke Poke has a stunning set of smoothies, shakes and infusions which will pack everything that is good for your body into a handy plastic cup. There really is a drink for every occasion...

By Manchester's Finest | 29 May 2018

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The Sickness Fighter Infusion
There is nothing worse than being sick and being at your wits end with treatment after treatment that doesn’t seem to make any difference at all. When you are in that boat, you need to get some of the Lemon, Ginger and Manuka honey infusion into you. The lemon will soothe your throat while the ginger is good at treating body pain and nausea.

The real star of this beverage, however, would be the Manuka honey. This product comes from New Zealand and is made from the pollen from the Manuka bush. Honey is a powerful painkiller, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory anyway, but this particular honey is said to be magical – it can even help your skin and boost your energy- which is just what you need when you are under the weather.

The Kickstarter Juice
Start your morning with a sour boost of fruit juice with a cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit. Not only is the tang just what you need to make you feel awake, but it is also said to boost your metabolism and make you burn fat quicker. Grapefruit is also heavy on the vitamin C which helps your immune system and your ability to heal as well as stopping you getting scurvy- which is always a plus. Grapefruit is even said to have mood-improving qualities which I certainly need in the morning so sign me up.

The Pre Gym Shake
If you are into some serious iron pumping, then you will need to keep your protein up. Sometimes eating a whole chicken four times a day can be tough, so maybe swap one of your carnivorous meals for a 100% natural smoothie from Oke Poke. The Funky Monkey is the one for me. It is banana based which we all know is packed full of protein and potassium with almond milk, raw cacao, spinach, flax seeds and acai. They basically couldn’t get more protein into it if they tried.

Cacao is the real hero of this drink as well. It has the highest iron content out of all plant-based materials, more calcium than cow’s milk, a natural mood booster and anti-depressant and to top it all off a delicious chocolaty flavour.

The Pick-Me-Up Smoothie
The Big Kahuna smoothie is just what you need as a little mid-afternoon pick me up as you begin to feel a tad sluggish. The base is apple, orange and carrot which are all packed with vitamins and natural sugars.

This drink also includes Turmeric and Black pepper which are both fantastically good for you. Turmeric is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller. It also has traces of the antioxidant curcumin in which is fat soluble which makes it the perfect thing to clear you up after a big meal. Black pepper also aids digestion and brings a little pop of spice to the drink which is bound to perk you up.

The Weekend Detox
So you had a mad one at the weekend and drank your body weight in Tequila. Not only are you ashamed of drunk texting your boyfriend 47 times in a row, but your body is also crying out for a clean-up. Monday morning, peel yourself out of bed and get yourself down to Oke Poke for a Clean Matcha Greens Infusion.

The main ingredient is Matcha Green Tea which is a fine powder made up from whole ground up tea leaves. It is packed with anti-oxidants and is linked to fighting cancer, viruses and heart disease. Matcha is also naturally caffeinated, which will give you the slight buzz you need to get you up and raring to go while the greens sort your insides out.