Have you heard about the Manchester Kebab?

Here in Manchester, we love taking things and making them our own- think the Manchester Egg, the Manchester pie and now the Manchester Kebab.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 19 June 2018

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This delicious monstrosity is a collaboration between The Refuge and Robert Owen Brown, head chef of The Hinchcliffe Restaurant just outside Hebden Bridge and author of the fantastic culinary anthology Crispy Squirrel and Vimto Trifle.

The concept is to keep Manchester and the North in mind when approaching a late-night takeaway classic. The base replaces the standard flatbread or pita with a great big Yorkshire pudding, which is just indicative of the style of  Owen who loves playing around with different cuisines to create a hybrid mish-mash of delectable grub.

This is then stuffed with lamb shawarma which is a bit of a speciality over at The Refuge. A lot of the food has a Middle Eastern twist, inspired by the travels of the DJ-Patron’s The Unamobmbers. Their lamb is slow cooked and delicious- some parts being crispy and others succulent and juicy- it is just what you need inside any kebab.

The Manchester Kebab is then filled with the Refuge’s homemade pickle slaw and Vimto Siracha which really places this dish right in the heart of Manchester. It is all wrapped up and sliced in half for you to enjoy. The result is just another level- I can’t describe it as anything other than mega.

You can sample the Manchester Kebab on the lunch menu at The Refuge which is available Monday-Friday noon until 3 pm for £11.50 a pop.

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