Help pizzeria Ceresis return to fulfil 'Marco's dream' - as co-founder dies suddenly after battle with cancer

Please help if you can...

By Ben Arnold | 28 May 2024

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Earlier this year, we had the privilege of meeting two of the most lovely, genuine people we’ve ever encountered while out there in the wild, finding stories about Manchester’s thriving food scene.

Marco and Valentina Carboni, and their tiny but wonderful pizzeria Ceresis in Sale Moor, featured in our Suggested By You series, after we were instructed quite forcefully to go there by one of its legion of loyal fans.

Valentina studied at one of the most prestigious cookery schools in Rome, while her husband Marco was Ceresis’ master piazolo, tending to his precious ‘biga’, the secret to the light and airy sourdough pizza conjured in their basement.

We loved it there. They were so generous with their time – and pizza – it felt like we’d known them forever. They welcomed us as they welcomed everyone, with a smile and their overwhelming Roman hospitality.

Sadly, we learned that Marco died last week, just a few weeks after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was just 49.

We’re heartbroken.

Valentina and Marco brought a ray of Italian sunshine to the city, not to mention the very best ‘pizza al taglio’.

Valentina intends to return, to continue what she says was ‘Marco’s dream’, but in the meantime, a crowdfund has been set up to help the family at this impossible time.

Their friend Sharon Coen, who’s set up the fund, said: “The funds will help Valentina and her children restarting their lives here in Sale Moor, keeping bringing her and Marco’s pizza to all residents – like Marco always wanted to do. Every donation, no matter how small, means a lot to Vale and the children. It reminds her that they are loved and we are waiting for them with open arms.”

Please, if you can, go can help them here…

Ciao Marco. Forza.