How to make... Festive Buckfast Mulled Wine

The ultimate festive drink to make Christmas just a little bit better this year...

By Ben Brown | 22 December 2020

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There was once a time, around 12 years ago that I had a Christmas party in a restaurant in Chorlton. It was so long ago that I can’t remember what the place was called, and in fact, I drank so much mulled wine that I can’t remember too much about what we ate either.

Anyway, I ended up drinking too much mulled wine, being sick and subsequently being unable to drink the stuff ever since – with just a whiff of cinnamon and nutmeg giving me the sweats and inducing a gag reflex.

BUT – this is revolutionary. A combination of one of the greatest drinks of all time and Christmas in the form of a Buckfast Mulled Wine recipe!

A very special thanks to the Buckfast Fan Instagram page, this recipe will let you create a special hot, Christmas version of everybody’s most favourite ‘Reck the Hoose Juice’…

– One bottle of Bucky (the big one)
– 60g demarara sugar
– Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or 2 sticks)
– Grated nutmeg
– Half an orange

– Place a pan on the stove under a low heat, add the Bucky, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange.
– Leave on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved and wine is warm but drinkable.
– Add more sugar to taste and pour through a sieve into mugs.
– Don’t drink too much and start kicking things.