How to make... The Perfect Steak Night for Two from Butcher's Quarter

The Northern Quarter & Deansgate Butchers have put together this fantastic meal box for two...

By Manchester's Finest | 8 November 2021

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There’s a seemingly endless line of people out there who want to tell you how to cook the perfect steak. You’ve got celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver telling you to rub it with a garlic clove when its cooking, and then you’ve got Salt Bae who will happily tell you to lather it in golf leaf and charge people 10 grand to eat it.

Then there’s dads. Whenever I’ve been to a restaurant with a man of a certain age, they’ll always order a steak, well-done to within an inch of it’s life, and absolutely caked in peppercorn sauce until he might as well be chewing on an old boot he fished out of the canal.

However you like your steak though there’s one thing that ALWAYS remains the same – the quality of the meat itself is paramount – and makes the world of difference to the taste.

So, this is the point where I talk about Butcher’s Quarter, who have quickly garnered themselves an outstanding reputation for the quality of their meats and local produce in the few years that they’ve been open in the city centre.

They insist on using only the highest quality meat, with the beef in their brand-new Steak Box for Two being sourced from two farms in Cheshire – roughly 30 miles away from their shops.

The herds of Hereford Cattle are free-range, grass-fed and provided for with the highest level of husbandry. They then age out their steaks for a minimum of 30 days, concentrating the flavour and ensuring that each mouthful is as tender as the last.

And so if you’re wanting the perfect steak – you need look no further. And with the introduction of this new Meal Box – you get everything you need for the ultimate Steak Night in your very own home.

There are three options available:

— Steak Box for Two – £46
— Steak Box for Two including Wine & Butcher’s Negroni – £81
— Steak Box for Two plus Fine Wine Upgrade (includes Butcher’s Negroni) – £121

Inside your tightly packed and freshly sealed box you’ll find two steaks (T-Bone or Ribeye), Perello Olives, Truffle Crisps, Prima Donna Maturo Cheese, Taleggio Cheese, Pommes de Terre and Miller’s Toast Crackers.

You can make yourself a platter of ‘Nibbles’ with the olives, crackers, cheese and truffle crisps to start, and then for the mains – steak with Pommes de Terre with Taleggio. And that’s exactly what we did when we picked up our box last week.

We went for Ribeye and they were absolutely phenomenal. The Pommes de Terre with Taleggio too were a revelation. Paired with their unique Butcher’s Negroni, which is infused with Iberico Pork Fat – it was easily one of the best Steak dinners we’ve ever had.

Here’s how the Butcher’s Quarter recommend you cook your steak…

• Let your steak come to room temperature before cooking.
• Heat your frying pan or cast iron to a medium to high heat,
• Salt both sides of the steak & add to the pan – if it’s not sizzling, it’s not hot enough!
• The easiest way to ensure your steak is cooked exactly how you like it is to use a thermometer – Rare 45˚C – 50˚C, medium rare 50˚C – 55 ˚C, medium 55˚C – 60˚C, medium well 60˚C – 65˚C, well done 65˚C-7 ˚C.
• Leave at least ten minutes to rest your steak, this will help it to stay juicy & tender.

And it’s testament to the sheer quality of the produce at the Butcher’s Quarter that made it so good – that not even us, with our shoddy pans and terrible cooking skills – could make something SO good.


If you want to try the Butcher’s Quarter Steak Box for Two all you need to do is call on 0161 832 6958 to place an order and let them know when you’d like to collect.

They require a £20 deposit for pre-orders.

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