What I Miss the Most: A Big Night in Crazy Pedro's

"It just has it all - pizza, drinks, tequila and pizza."

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 20 April 2020

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In our new series we’re asking people what they’re missing the most while in lockdown and first up is Finest’s Head of Content Ben Brown…

There are A LOT of things that I’m missing at the moment and all of them revolve around getting drunk in a bar or club somewhere.

I do miss me mum a little bit, and I miss seeing me mates but considering that all I do with them when I do see them is get drunk in a bar or a club – this one is a no brainer really.

Crazy Pedro’s has it all. If someone asked me to describe my perfect bar – I’d describe Pedro’s.

I should probably say that this is the birthplace of the GOOCH (Gin & Hooch) – quite possibly the greatest drink on Earth – so if you’re not supping tequila – sup this.

It’s not just the fact that their cocktails pretty much all contain some form of tequila or mezcal – so I get pretty messy pretty quickly – but I can soak it all up with PIZZA right until 4am.

Unlike pretty much every single other bar out there – you can’t have some food while you dance and chat away at 2am – well, there was that time in the mid-00’s when 5th Ave started doing chips – but the less said about that the better really.

So, the pizzas.

As the person who is in the Crazy Pedro’s videos every single month, I get to try their specials all the time. I also manage to get my hands on a fair few cheap slices sometimes too – which is a great perk of the job but not good for my double chin situation.

My personal favourite thing in the world ever is to be sat in Pedro’s with me wife and me mates, a fair few jars and a couple of massive half-and-half 16-inch pizzas (Mac Daddy & Hawaii 5.0 and Godfather & Margarita). Tunes playing, a bit of pinball and plenty of dancing. Perfect.

That’s what I miss the most being stuck in my gaff and it’ll be one of the first things I do when I’m outta here.