Independent Salford brewery launches crowdfunder to expand nationwide

Strange Times Brewing Co is looking to raise £40k for an on-site canning machine, allowing it to distribute its beer nationwide.

By Emma Davidson | 8 November 2022

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Independent Salford brewery, Strange Times Brewing Co, has launched a campaign to help raise money for a new canning machine that will enable the business to grow.

If the brewery can small-package its beers, it will mean it can launch an online shop and sell directly to the public while keeping prices at a competitive rate.

Strange Times Brewing Co. was launched in the city at the start of 2021. Founder, Alex Lord and head brewer, Lauren Guy have a combined 25 years of industry experience between them, and have built up a loyal following of craft beer fans.

Like many businesses, Strange Times Brewing Co.’s growth expectations were impacted by the pandemic, however, the business has continued to thrive. The brewery offers a range of classic and varied core beers, all of which are vegan.

The crowdfunder now presents the opportunity for the brewery to further expand into the national market. Alex and Lauren have known from the start that they want to can their beers, and have put huge amounts of work into the creative side of the business to ensure their products stand out

The £40K crowdfund is a reward-based campaign that will see supporters receive different benefits based on the amount they donate: 

  • £12 – TWO BEER CHEER – Two cans of Strange Times (ST) beer (Two different beers).
  • £30 – COUPLE GOALS – Four cans of ST beer + two branded glasses (Four different beers).
  • £40 – DEALERS CHOICE – Eight cans of ST beer (Two of each beer) OR six cans of the Name A Beer competition winning beer.
  • £55 – TWELVE/TEES – Four cans of ST beer, two branded glasses and a ST T-Shirt OR 12 cans of ST beer (three of each beer).
  • £70 – HOODIE BUNDLE OR BEER – Four cans of ST beer, two branded glasses and a ST Hoodie OR 20 cans of ST beer.
  • £80 – SUPER BUNDLE – Four cans of ST beer, two branded glasses, a T-Shirt and a Hoodie OR 24 cans of ST beer.
  • £100 – MAKE IT YOURSELF – A ST beer cocktail-making experience at Bee Orchid bar in Salford Quays for four people (three cocktails each) OR 34 cans of ST beer.
  • £250 – STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE – 12 cans of ST beer a month for six months delivered to your door OR 24 cans of ST beer a month for three months delivered straight to your door.
  • £500 – THERE’S A FRIDGE – An exclusive, one-of-a-kind, only one-in-existence offer! A ST branded beer fridge + 60 ST cans of beer.
  • £750 – THE YEAR OF BEER – 24 cans of ST beer every month for 12 months delivered to your door.

If the crowdfund surpasses its target, these funds will go towards the creation of local job opportunities within the business to further widen Strange Times Brewing Co.’s customer base. 

The brewery’s future goals include opening a small onsite shop to sell beer and merchandise to the public face-to-face, and to contribute to the local community by organising more events and tours at its brewery site in Salford.