Sustainable Wine & Retail Experience as Ancoats' KERB hosts Local Fashion Brand Deidei

Taking place next Thursday, Deidei will debut its latest collection alongside loads of lovely wines…

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 25 May 2022

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On Thursday 26th May, the brand is holding a pop up event at Ancoats’ KERB Wines, where it will showcase some of its latest products alongside exclusive accessories and paired wines.

Founder, Hailea began the business last year after running Dirty Disco, a vintage shop specialising in secondhand clothes from the most stylish of decades.

“What I found with vintage is that you get to a stage where you can’t really go any further. I wanted to hire people to work with me, but the business had sort of reached its highest point.

“That’s when I began thinking about ideas for Deidei. I still wanted the brand to be sustainable, but wanted to make and design brand-new clothes, rather than source and sell second hand.”

Deidei’s products only use sustainable fabric types, including; bamboo, corozo, tencel and cupro.

Corozo is used for the buttons on its blouses and dresses, and is unique in that it leads to a higher wage for the local communities. Its production protects the natural ecosystem of the rainforest, too.

Tencel is a diverse, biodegradable fabric that uses less water and energy than cotton to produce and non-toxic chemicals in production. It’s a type of Lyocell that has fibres that are derived from sustainable FSC wood sources.

The production of Tencel has an innovative closed loop production process that recycles water and solvents, so it’s a step in a more circular direction.

Cupro is another highly sustainable fabric as it is made from recycled cotton linter, the fluffy fibre around the plant’s seeds.

Since linter fibres are too small to be spun, they’re usually thrown away during cotton production but through an innovative process this waste product can be made into a silky, waste-free fabric.

Deidei’s collections consist of staple wardrobe pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Hailea draws her inspiration from her love of vintage, alongside her childhood dressing up box that was full of rah rah skirts and silhouettes that she’s now embodied into her own brand.

Deidei’s free pop-up will be at KERB from 6pm – 10pm on Thursday 26th May. You’ll be able to browse the collections, hang out with the team and drink some gorgeous natural wines hand picked by KERB.


Deidei Pop Up at KERB

Date: Thursday 26th May
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: KERB Wines
Price: FREE

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KERB, 4 Henry St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 5DD