Late Night Eats: Hot Dogs 'til 2am at Bunny Jackson's

Once the 10p wings finish at 10pm - don't fret - there's more on offer at Bunny's.

By Ben Brown | 8 November 2019

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Imagine your disappointment. You’ve spent a fair few hours getting tanked up in Bunny Jackson’s, putting off the inevitable foray into 10p wing territory for the sake of “one more drink”.

You finally get to the bar, menu in your sweaty hand, and you realise that they’ve stopped serving food. It’s after 10pm. Shit. What do you do?

It’s raining outside so a quick kebab is out of the question, and the Yorkie bar that you brought in your pocket has melted all over the place. Fear not though my friend – Bunny’s still has you covered.

From 10pm til 2am Bunny’s offer 50p hot dogs from behind the bar – perfect for soaking up any and all alcohol that you manage to consume there, which knowing Bunny’s – will be a lot.

They’re actually really good too. They’re exactly like the ones you get on the street in New York – except these aren’t boiled in some manky water for 7 hours (and you get service with a smile).

So next time it’s late and you’re peckish in Bunny’s – don’t head home – head to the bar and order yourself some hot dog goodness.


Hot Dogs at Bunny Jackson’s

Date: Available every day
Time: From 10pm – 2am
Cost: 50p


Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA