NO CHAINS! Independent, Local & Fair Food Delivery Launches in Manchester

Reacting to serious "big problems in the industry", this weekend sees the launch of Foodstuff...

By Manchester's Finest | 18 May 2021

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As passionate advocates for the city’s independents, we here at Manchester’s Finest totally understand the inherent difficulties faced by bars and restaurants setting up for takeaway and collection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The simple fact of it is that there are still significant barriers stopping the smaller operators from being able to make the most of what’s available.

Take for example the case of recently opened Just Frango, operating out of a ‘dark kitchen’ in Ardwick and serving up easily the best Portuguese peri-peri grilled chicken in the city. Straight away they were fighting a losing battle against an already well-known international chain, who had the power and money to be front and centre on all delivery apps.

As a result, they, plus many others in the city have turned to a new delivery service, one which promises to champion the city’s independents, block any chains, provide fair fees for restaurants and also make rider welfare one of their most prominent components; paying them a national living wage and giving them holiday and perks.

This may all sound like a no brainer, but the simple fact of the matter is that even before the pandemic stuck, the gig economy and takeaway industry was broken, and in response, Foodstuff was created.

Co-founders Toby Savill and James Perry launched the service in May 2020 down in Cambridge, and in a short space of time they found their unique approach with taking care of riders, customers and restaurants equally really resonated with people.

5 restaurants very quickly turned to 20, and by March this year they launched in Bristol and have now done over 20,000 orders with ZERO emissions.

This Saturday 25th May sees the Foodstuff delivery service officially launch in Manchester, and they’ve managed to entice some of the city’s best independent operators including;

House of Hasheba
Set in Blossom Street Social in Ancoats, House of Habesha offers up the chance to experience  authentic home-styled dishes all the way from Eritrea & Ethiopia.


Northern Soul Grilled Cheese
With a menu packed full of mouth-watering grilled cheese adaptations, Northern Soul serves the ultimate cheesy-comfort food that very few can resist.


I Knead Pizza
A Reddish staple for a few years now, I Knead Pizza have recently moved into the city centre, offering up their outstanding Neapolitan pies cooked in their swanky new eco-friendly pizza oven.


Mor Mor
Vibrant, colourful dishes, bold in flavour and big on quality ingredients abound from award-winning shawarma, to splendid shakshuka – this is a beautiful menu of dishes the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in Manchester.


Ooof I love myself a bit of Mughli action every now and then and so if you’re looking for a high-quality Indian experience – look no further than these true masters. Their curries are excellent but it’s all about their sides and the little street food things they offer.


Offering up an unbeatable ‘dirty’ vegan offering, everything you eat at V-REV is all plant – no pain. Their burgers are outstanding – you won’t think you’re eating vegan with this lot!


A parmo is fried chicken goodness, covered in a rich, creamy béchamel, topped with a serious helping of cheese and shoved under the grill until melted and gooey. Perfect with chips and garlic sauce.


Gourmet kebabs that are stuffed with some of the most extraordinary and creative ingredients imaginable. Flat Iron Steak, Harissa Octopus, Venison Poutine – they’ve got it all.


Just Frango
Taking all of the Portuguese Peri-Peri dishes that we’ve all become accustomed to over the years, Just Frango then turned it all on its head by making it 1000x more authentic and infinitely tastier. Their peri-peri is made to an age-old family recipe, the chicken is charred to perfection and their Pastel de Nata are probably the best in the city.


Caribbean Cookout
Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken and a truly outstanding ‘Reggae Roast’, Caribbean Cookout have you well and truly covered.


9 Cut Fried Chicken
The whole bird cut into 9 pieces and fried to golden perfection. This is the most succulent, mouth watering bone-in chicken out there.


Brazilian and Portuguese flavours combine at this vibrant soul food destination. Huge platters of grilled chicken, street food sides and banging Caipirinhas – just like on the streets of Rio!


Nearly everybody’s favourite street food-style restaurant, the food is banging, the beer is incredible and 100% the best thing is the paneer kebabs, or maybe the daal, or could it be the okra fries.


Cocktails, Beer, Ramen & (Bao) Buns – that’s what CBRB do and they do it exceptionally well. For delivery – they offer up a fantastic boa bun offering – definitely some of the best in the city.


South Manny Flavas
Many people would agree that this is some of the best fried chicken in the city, and with a whole host of added extras and sides on top – you can’t go wrong really.


Moose Coffee
At Moose Coffee you’ll get a proper American (or is that Canadian) breakfast experience. Stacks of pancakes, sided with some crispy bacon, eggs and maple syrup – all washed down with a massive milkshake or milky coffee – perfect.


Burgers On Tour
BURGERS ON TOUR is simple; they offer up a monthly selection of unique and exotic burgers from around the world – and they’re starting things of with a bit of Brazil, Mexico, Portugal and Hawaii.


Hip Hop Chip Shop
Hip Hop Chip Shop is all about pimped-up chippy classics. Think epic fish finger butties, battered halloumi, beer battered pickles and the best curry sauce you’ll ever eat.

Each operator benefits from a fair monthly flat rate fee that works out 50% cheaper than the major delivery companies, and each delivery is eco-friendly (pedals not petrol!) and Foodstuff are proud to look after their riders – with no gig economy jobs, offering each employee a National Living Wage and benefits.

Foodstuff offer a simple flat fee for restaurants instead of 35% like other delivery platforms and then the restaurant takes 100% of the cost for the food, and the delivery rider gets 100% of the delivery fee.

So next time you’re looking to order some food, disregard the apps you know and have used in the past and give Foodstuff a try – you’ll be helping not just the local riders you see whizzing about on their bikes, but also the city’s outstanding independent food and drink scene.

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