Learn How to Make Fresh Pasta in this Live Interactive Masterclass

Once you go homemade - you'll never go back...

By Manchester's Finest | 27 May 2020

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It’s true. Homemade pasta is such a world away from the dried pasta that you buy in bags at Kwik Save that once you’ve learnt how to make it – you’ll VERY rarely ever go back to the cheap stuff. Unless you’re hungover. Or lazy.

You see, it does take quite a while, and like most of these things – it’s more of an art than a science. But as with all forms of art – practice makes perfect.

So that’s why this Online Interactive Fresh Pasta Masterclass will be well worth your time. Over the course of an hour you’ll have your very own private pasta chef, Roberta d’Elia, teaching you how to make two shapes from scratch, or, one shape and one sauce from scratch.

You’ll find out how to adapt the principles of Italian cooking and simplicity, and pick up tips and tricks for authentic pasta making that the chef learnt from her ‘nonna’.

This weekend sees a few options available to you…

Taste of Tuscany Masterclass: Friday 29th May at 5:30pm
Ravioli Masterclass: Saturday 30th May at 5pm
Gnocchi Masterclass: Sunday 31st May at 2pm

Workshops can be adapted based on skill level, catering for everyone from total beginners to advanced pasta aficionados!


Online Interactive Fresh Pasta Masterclass

Dates: Friday 29th (Taste of Tuscany), Saturday 30th (Ravioli), Sunday 31st (Gnocci)
Times: Friday 29th (5:30pm), Saturday 30th (5pm), Sunday 31st (2pm)
Cost: £15

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