The 80's Hawaiian inspired SPAM & Pineapple Pizza

Everyone’s favourite Hawaiian ex-pat private investigator, the moustachioed maverick - Magnum P.I is the inspiration behind this month's pizza special at Crazy Pedro's

By Manchester's Finest | 7 June 2019

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They have gone for full Hawaiian vibes this time with the use of spam (which everyone goes MENTAL for there apparently) and pineapples which I was surprised to learn to grow out of the ground and not on trees. WTF?

Now I have to confess that I am too young to know anything about Magnum P.I another than Tom Selleck is a fucking HUNK, so I had to ask Ben Brown (the official face of Crazy Pedros and 80’s cinema connoisseur) for a little help with the links…

The Magnum P.I(G) is a naughty one stacked with:

  • Spam (Because Hawaiians LOVE spam)
  • Pineapple (Because Pineapples are in Hawaii)
  • Red pepper (Because Magnum’s car is red)
  • Red onion (Also because Magnum’s car is red)
  • Extra cheese (…because it was a cheesy show?)
  • Teriyaki sauce (Umm… no idea about this one- tastes good maybe?)

I’ve had it and it’s fucking amazing. Spam usually weirds me out, but they chopped it up into salty cubes which were amazing paired with the sweet pineapple and teriyaki sauce. It was top.

Just in case the excitement of the pizza wasn’t enough, we are also offering our readers the chance to WIN a full pizza and drinks for 2 – just head to our InstagramFacebook or Twitter pages to enter.

Crazy Pedro’s,
55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
Short St, Manchester M1 1JG