These Manchester bars WIN big at the UK's most prestigious cocktail awards!

The UK’s leading voice for drinks professionals were certainly impressed with these Manchester bars...

By Ben Brown | 22 October 2019

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Since its launch in 2007, Imbibe has established itself as the UK’s leading publisher for on-trade drinks professionals and each year they decide on the coveted Drinks List of the Year competition.

Taking in over 150 entries from all over the UK, Imbibe’s judges whittle it all down to a series of shortlists, and guess what – some Manchester bars have only gone and bloody won some!

Wolf At The Door – Avant Garde Drinks List of the Year 2019

Fresh on the scene (and only open for a few months) the newly renamed Wolf At The Door in the Northern Quarter picked up the coveted ‘Avant Garde drinks list of the year’ award, an award which looks at bars who are pushing the boundaries of drinks creation and their lists that reflect that.

Wolf At The Door’s APERTURE menu is certainly one that pushes boundaries; designed so that it will change with the seasons, with the basic framework of the drinks remaining the same but certain elements evolving as things go in and out of season.

It’s a menu that’s flexible but also always at its peak in terms of quality and flavours. Working closely with the kitchen in their dedicated Innovation Room, this menu is unlike anything Manchester has ever seen before.


The Liars Group – Group Drinks List of the Year 2019

Certainly one of the most difficult drinks lists to curate, the ‘Group Drinks List of the Year’ award looks at menus designed for multiple sites – where cocktails need to be unique and distinguishable but also recognisable across different brands.

Imbibe were certainly impressed with Manchester’s Liars Group, which incorporates Crazy Pedro’s, Cane & Grain, The Bay Horse Tavern, The Liars Club and Science & Industry. So much so that they bloody WON the thing!

With an impressive selection of new drinks menus over the last 12 months, the monumental task of creating a set of unique cocktails has certainly reaped its rewards. With such an impressive range on offer – you’re going to have to head to each one to try some of them out.

I’ll just finish this off with a massive WELL DONE to the teams that won the awards. It’s a massive achievement and I personally know how hard everyone has worked on it all. Drinks are on me next time I see you.