The Manchester ‘walking wine tour’ that will show you the city’s best bottles

Take in some of the best glasses in Manchester... and some top snacks

By Ben Arnold | 3 October 2023

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(Credit: Debbie Ellis)

A new ‘walking wine tour’ will transport you all around the city, taking in some of the very best wine that Manchester has to offer.

The newly-minted Manchester Wine Tours will stop off at a host of the city’s best wine bars and sit-in bottle shops, all guided by local food and drink writer and wine tutor Kelly Bishop, aka Keliseating.

“I started Manchester Wine Tours to celebrate the incredible wine offering in Manchester. Manchester is known for great restaurants and bars selling nationally celebrated craft beer and cocktails, but there is a really impressive wine scene here too,” said Kelly. 

“I’m passionate about wine and am really excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with locals and tourists alike.

“I want to show people that although this might be classed as a ‘high-end activity’ with really good quality wine and matching snacks, wine tasting definitely doesn’t have to be snobby or stuffy. 

Kelly Bishop Manchester Wine Tours

“I want it to appeal to anyone over 18 who is interested in wine and introduce them to some of my favourite wine spots in Manchester.”

The tours will find up to 12 people heading out on the streets to discover the best glasses going, stopping off for six glasses of wine in all, with wine snack pairing at four of the venues en route.

And as it’s a walking tour, you’ll get a bit of Manchester history along the way too.

The first tour happens on October 22, and then they carry on through November on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. There will also be some Christmas tours going on in December too.

Tickets cost £75 for the October and November tours, and £100 for the Christmas jaunts, where there will be a few extra special wines to fit the occasion and some festive snacks.

You can book up here…