Manchester's Best Independents on Foodstuff's NEW Local & Fair Delivery App

Foodstuff is Manchester's food delivery app with a conscience...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 18 November 2021

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You’ve probably heard of Foodstuff already. If you haven’t, then you’ve almost certainly seen their riders whizzing around the city centre – probably with a big bloody smile on their face.

That’s because Foodstuff are proud to look after their riders; with no gig economy jobs – offering each employee a National Living Wage and benefits.

Foodstuff also offer a simple flat fee for restaurants (instead of 35% like other delivery platforms) and then the restaurant itself takes 100% of the cost for the food, whilst the rider get 100% of the delivery fee.

The whole concept was created by Toby Savill and James Perry in May 2020 down in Cambridge, a reaction to the “big problems in the industry” of food delivery. What started out with 5 restaurants quickly blossomed into a move to Bristol and now Manchester – and they’re still sticking to their very important ethos:

Independents only • Riders on living wage • Zero emissions delivery

This week saw Foodstuff finally launch their APP, meaning you can get everything delivered no matter where you are, through your phone.

Download the Foodstuff App

To celebrate, I thought I’d bring together our favourite vendors where you can order food (and drink) through the new app…

Ad Hoc NQ
Located right on Edge Street in the middle of the NQ, Ad Hoc has one of the best selections of bottles in the city, be it wine, beers, ciders and spirits – they’ve got the lot. A much better option for getting your booze delivered than a dodgy bloke in a Peugeot 205 who charges you £30 for 13 cans of warm Stella.

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Slap & Pickle
Located down at the fantastic Society on Barbirolli Square next to the Bridgewater Hall, Slap & Pickle have been banging out seriously imaginative and tasty burgers and loaded fries for a couple of months now – and we can’t get enough. One of the best things about this place is that everything on the menu is able to be offered as vegetarian and even vegan. Try their Vegan Duck Fries – they’re outstanding.

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House of Habesha
Set in Blossom Street Social in Ancoats, House of Habesha offers up the chance to experience probably the most authentic home-styled African dishes in the entire city. Most dishes originate from Eritrea & Ethiopia, but can extend further into the Middle East with a range of influences and flavours.

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Herbivorous Vegan
They’ve only recently opened up their very own stand-alone restaurant down in Withington, but Herbivorous still have a presence in the city centre also. So whether you’re in the south of the city, or the city centre itself – you still have access to some fantastic vegan junk food.

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From the genius behind Ancoats’ Elnecot restaurant comes one of the best pizza concepts you’ll ever have heard of – Anglo Saxon Pizza. Made using only the finest British ingredients – these pizzas are out of this world good – especially their Tre Lancashire which comes topped with three superb British cheeses (‘Owd Yonner, Chepyn Blue and Grace’s Goat).

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Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria
You must know Lazy Tony’s by now? Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a gorgeous piping hot lasagne delivered to their doorstep when they’re hungry? Throw in some of their stringy-bugger mozzarella dippers and that bad mood and headache will be gone in seconds. All without leaving your house.

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I Knead Pizza
A Reddish staple for a few years now, I Knead Pizza have recently moved into the city centre, offering up their outstanding Neapolitan pies cooked in their swanky new eco-friendly pizza oven. Their pies are Neapolitan, which are very popular at the moment – and once you start tucking into these fresh beauties – it’s not hard to see why they’re so loved.

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Just in case you don’t come from the North East, let me tell you what a ‘Parmo’ is. A Parmo is indulgent fried chicken goodness, covered in a rich, creamy béchamel sauce and then topped with a serious helping of cheese. It’s then shoved under a grill until everything is melty and gooey, at which point they add chips and LOADS of garlic sauce. Mega.

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ARMR Store
Probably Ardwick’s best kept secret, well – not anymore – as since we popped down to ARMR Store in September we haven’t stopped talking about it. ‘An independent plant-based Caribbean and Community Health Shop’ – that’s what we called it and that’s exactly what it is. They do some mighty fine dishes in here – which are all 100% plant-based and proper good for you.

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Brazilian and Portuguese flavours combine at this vibrant soul food destination. Huge platters of grilled chicken, street food sides and banging Caipirinhas – just like on the streets of Rio! Best of all are their Pastel de Nata – those little Portuguese tarts. The ones here are amazing – personally taste tested and selected by owner Marcio for your eating pleasure.

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Duncan and Lisa are the Manchester-born Chinese couple behind a new Japanese concept in the city – Yane – brining real, home-style Japanese cooking to Manchester. They specialise in Donburi (rice-bowl dishes topped with fish, meat and vegetables), Katsu Curry and homemade Tsukemono – literally meaning “pickled things”. Their Vegetable Katsu Kare, a homemade curry roux, is truly sublime.

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Hip Hop Chip Shop
Hip Hop Chip Shop is all about pimped-up chippy classics. Think epic fish finger butties, battered halloumi, beer battered pickles and the best curry sauce you’ll ever eat. It’s like the chippy you remember from a Friday night as a kid but one million times better (and tastier).

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Siam Smiles
Now a Manchester institution, there was once a time when you could only get a Siam Smiles by descending into a manky old supermarket in Chinatown. But they moved to Deansgate Mews and have been doing fabulously well ever since. Their Thai dishes are fantastic – proper home-cooked traditional dishes and certainly up there with the best Thai food in Manchester.

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If you want to tuck into any (or all) of these places, we encourage you to use the new Foodstuff app and help them to support the city’s vital independent operators.

You can download their new app here:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store