Manchester's Best New Year's Parties 2017

Probably considered the most disappointing and worst night of the year, I'm sure many of you have decided to just stay in and watch Take That on ITV2 instead of going out, spending 100 bar on drinks and being crushed up against a speaker for most of the night.

By Ben Brown | 14 December 2017

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Well, try not to be disheartened – the establishments of Manchester have come together to bring you a rather exciting range of options to see in the New Year if you do decide to go out…

The Worst New Year’s Eve of Your Life
The Ruby Lounge
Completely foregoing any semblance of hyperbole – the gang at Absolute Shite are so adamant that you’re going to have a terrible time this New Year that they’ve not even bothered to proclaim any different. With ‘The Worst New Year’s Eve of Your Life’ they promise some absolutely awful tunes to see you into 2018, ranging from an obscure 1983 hit by Howard Jones, right up to Peter Andre and that bald guy out of Aqua in the 90’s. Always a humble lot – I must admit that they are wrong – the night is bloody brilliant, a top laugh and one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve.

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The Ruby Lounge, 28-34 High St, Manchester M4 1QB


Dead Good NYE Party
The Liars Club
If your idea of a good night is to get absolutely destroyed on rum while dancing to some top tunes in a place decked out like a themed nightclub from 1982, The Liars Club is definitely the place for you this New Year’s Eve. You all know exactly what to expect nowadays – there’s going to be loads of proper strong cocktails – most likely containing a combination of fire and shrubbery, alongside the best in classic hip-hop and reggae. It’s open until 4am so don’t have too many zombies before midnight – otherwise you’ll find yourself in Pedro’s with a slice wrapped around your face by half past.

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The Liars Club, 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester M3 2PB


Ultimate Power NYE
The Albert Hall
Ben Brown’s favourite night ever, and his personal choice for New Year’s Eve, has shunned regular venue The Ritz for Albert Hall, bringing us Mancs the best collection of Power Ballads in the world, belting out the likes of Belinda Carlyle, Bonnie Tyler and even good old Phil Collins throughout the night. One of my personal favourites is Alone by Heart – which pretty much sums up the whole night. It’s a load of tunes that you just can’t help singing along to at the top of your lungs, while fist-grabbing the air. See you there!
The Albert Hall, 27 Peter Street, M2 5 Manchester, United Kingdom

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Albert Hall, 27 Peter St, City Centre, Manchester M2 5QR


1920’s New Year’s Eve
Albatross & Arnold / The Range
This is probably the best deal out of the lot right here. Brand new venue The Range, which includes bar & restaurant Albatross & Arnold inside is offering a 1920’s themed FREE bar and canapes all night, a live band and DJ all for only £70 per person. Considering that’s probably the price of a couple of full rounds elsewhere – I think this is a safe bet if you’re looking to have a top time and not worry about your wallet being full of moths come the 2nd Jan. If I hadn’t already bought my ticket for Ultimate Power, I’d be heading here. In fact, it starts at 7pm – I could do both!

The Range, Leftbank, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AN


Anything Goes…Studio 54
Never ones to do things by half, decadent night spot Menagerie are going full on Studio 54 this New Year Eve offering an evening of fizz and food which will ensure that you see 2018 in with just a small bit of glitz and glamour. Tickets start at £20 which will get you into the bar and includes a sparkling reception – while £85 will get you a 3 course set menu on top. You can probably also expect plenty of live acts and entertainment all night – most likely involving fire, cages, long legs, glitter and more eyeliner and gold than a Jack Sparrow fancy dress competition.

Menagerie, One New Bailey, New Bailey St, Salford M3 5JL


6-Course Jean-Christophe Novelli
Don Giovanni
Head on down to Don Giovanni this New Year and they’ll be putting on a slap-up 6 course meal complete with dishes from legendary hunky TV chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, complete with a drink and entertainment all night for £69 per person. Alternatively, head on over to their Per Tutti pop up on Liverpool Street and you can enjoy 6 courses and a drink for £49.50. Basically, if you want to have a nice, romantic evening complete with drinks, Italian food, perhaps the odd candle and footsie under the table – these are your options.

Don Giovanni, Peter House, 1-2 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5AN


Request Night NYE
The Klondyke
If you don’t fancy getting on the Magic Bus into town and live anywhere near Levenshulme train station then I can highly recommend the Klondyke club as a very reasonable alternative to what the city centre has to offer. They’re putting on a Request Night, where upon entry you write down 5 of your favourite songs which will then be played over the course of the night. It might end up a complete disaster, especially if a gang of goths turn up, but in actual fact – the tunes should be mint. It’s only £5 and the drinks are cheap!

The Klondyke, 1 Burnage Range (off Albert Road), M19 2HQ Levenshulme


Juicy NYE
Black Dog Ballroom NQ
What’s better than going to Juicy on a Friday night? Nothing. It’s bloody brilliant. One thing that will come a very close second though will be Juicy NYE – held at its usual haunt – Black Dog Ballroom NQ. It’s set to contain everything you expect and more, including the best bloody disco, hip-hop and RnB mixes you will ever hear, likely as you’re surrounded by some of the city’s most impossibly attractive people.

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Black Dog Ballroom, 52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW


Keep It Unreal NYE
Band on the Wall
Manchester legend and Band on the Wall stalwart Mr Scruff is donning the decks this New Year’s Eve to bring his Keep it Unreal night to the city’s exuberant crowds. Always awash with the best in jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, Icelandic death metal, disco, deep house, reggae, Afrobeat, Latin, whale-song, electro, techno, new wave and BBC sound recordings – whatever you like Mr Scruff will provide. Along with his mate MC Kwasi, Scruff will be grafting away for 6 hours, so he’s likely down the gym right now, working on his tri’s, bi’s and whatever else is in the arm and hand area.

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Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street, M4 5JZ Manchester


54: NYE
If you went down to Studio 54 in the 70’s you would have seen the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Ric Flair, sat at a table surrounded by bottles of vodka, scantily clad women and enough cocaine to satisfy the cast of Eastenders for at least two weeks. Inspired by this most famous of all night clubs, Gorilla are going all out, getting the likes of Soul Boutique and Crazy P to provide the tunes from 9pm right into the early hours. As you’d expect, there’s bottle service available – but obviously no cocaine. Give it around 10 years for that.

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Gorilla, Arch 54/56 Whitworth Street West, M1 6 Manchester


Manchester New Year’s Eve 2017
If you fancy a proper Kiki then obviously head on down to Kiki this NYE for a party that only Canal Street can provide. Even though the usual trend is to turn up in the Village at around 3am, getting destroyed and dancing until lunchtime, you’re going to have to go out a little earlier so you can catch the countdown and get off with someone on the stroke of midnight. Kiki are offering FREE entry, which is rather unusual for NYE, and have promised a prize freeze on drinks so you’re not going to get ripped off and end up having to sell a kidney to pay for a round.

KIKI Manchester, 4 Canal Street, M1 3HE Manchester

Come As You Are: New Year’s Eve Special
The Refuge
The Weekenders and Parties at Refuge have become the thing of legend in the short time that the place has been open, particularly on those Bank Holiday weekends where the place never seemed to slow down and even a couple of hours there would completely do you in. New Year’s Eve sees both the Public Bar and the Basement play host to a range of DJ’s including DJ Paulette and Chris Massey. Downstairs is £15 and will be hosted by Homoelectric with House of Decay and will feature the likes of Kelvin Andrews, Will Tramp and Gina Breeze spinning discs ‘til God knows when. If you want you can add some food to the evening as well – they’ve got a full menu for £40 per person. More information here.

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The Refuge, Oxford St, Manchester M60 7HA


Horse Meat Disco NYE
The Deaf Institute
I’ve never been to Horse Meat Disco but I’ve heard from good authority that it’s absolutely amazing and will be perfect for seeing the New Year in. Heading up to the North after belting out weekly Sunday parties at The Eagle down in Vauxhall, they say that “it’s the queer party for everyone; Homos and Heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerrilla drag queens and ladies who munch.” There’s set to be support on the night from Neil Diablo, Joy Social and more.

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The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HE


The N&D Cabbage DJ Set & Pacemaker DJs
Night & Day
Night & Day have managed to weather the oncoming storm of development which has seen Dry Bar become destined to be turned into a swanky hotel for yuppies, and are still banging out some great nights and top live music acts pretty much every day of the week. It’s always a top night, and NYE should not be an exception – with a DJ Set from local lads Cabbage who will most likely be playing records from a selection of indie, retro, rock and roll and soul as opposed to just their stuff. That would be a little bit self-indulgent that I think. If you buy yourself a ticket you will also get a FREE Sailor Jerry’s when you get there. Brucey Bonus innit.

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The Night and Day Café, 26 Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JN


NYE 2017
The Venue
The Venue manages to get on this list for 3 reasons. 1. It’s mega cheap so you won’t be pissing away £100 so close after Christmas and ages before pay day. 2. The tunes are always excellent, with a great selection of indie, rock, 60’s and soul that all seems to just meld together and create the perfect night for getting sweaty and dancing. 3. It’s always full of people who want to get off with each other so if you’re single – you’re pretty much guaranteed to kop off. Even if you look like the Elephant Man’s armpit.

The Venue, 29 Jacksons Row, Manchester, M2 5WD

New Year’s Eve 2017
The Oast House
Everyone seems to love a bit of Oast House action, whether it’s sunning yourself in the massive outdoor bit or chomping down on one of them huge hanging kebabs that seem to be knocking about all the time. This winter they’ve set up the outdoor area with a load of tepee’s – mostly to fend off the sleet and cold, but also to provide even more space for eating and drinking. This New Year they’ll provide guests with live entertainment, DJs, a complimentary drink on arrival as well as what will probably be a busy and rather enjoyable evening for all.

The Oast House, The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, Manchester M3 3AY


Boogie Nights NYE 2017
The Whiskey Jar
Everything was better in the 1970’s. Well, except for the bin men, the electricity, and the complete lack of the Internet. Other than that though – it was great. Not that I know though – I was still a twinkle in the milkman’s eye in the 70’s, but judging from the films and the music – it looks like it was proper good. There’s probably no better way to celebrate the New Year then than listening to some of the best disco tunes ever with Boogie Nights at The Whiskey Jar. You should expect confetti cannons, disco balls and that song by Sister Sledge at some point or other, as Stu Chapman aka Disco Stu gets on the decks with a few of his mates.

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The Whiskey Jar, 14 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF


New Year’s Eve with Disco Illusions
There’s even more disco this NYE when Disco Illusions head on over to Cottonopolis – probably to sample some of their Bao and down a couple of pints of Big Wave in between playing some of the best disco tunes that have ever existed. There’s apparently going to be a special guest, which they’ve yet to announce, but I think I’m going to have a guess that it’s one of the Chuckle Brothers – probably Barry because he loves his Japanese food and disco. He’s also a massive caner so he’ll still be up on New Year’s Day to sample the bottomless brunch that Cottonopolis are putting on where I’m sure Barry will be loving the unlimited Bloody Mary’s – they’re fantastic.

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Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE


Girls on Film
Trof NQ
Not satisfied with bringing the best 80’s tunes to The Deaf Institute every Saturday, Girls on Film will be hosting a spectacular 3 floor take-over this NYE at Trof in the NQ. Taking you back to a time when shoulder pads were massive, and mobile phones needed an internal combustion engine to run, you will be in for a night filled with the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen and all those other 80’s legends who have either died or look like they’re about to. Get your tickets here:

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Trof NQ, 8 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU


House of Geisha – NYE Countdown Party
23 Peter Street
23 Peter Street is the new name for Sakana, which luckily is located at number 23 on Peter Street. Also located there is Ocean Treasure, a new Chinese restaurant upstairs – which explains the name change. This New Year, Sakana (so the bit on the ground floor) will be hosting a House of Geisha countdown party complete with a DJ, live entertainment, saxophone geezers, dancers and plenty of Oriental themed spectacle. Tickets are £10 from below and include a complementary glass of Prosecco on arrival.

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23 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR


Howling Rhythm vs The Empty Room Special
Night People
It always seems to be a good night when two well established (and excellent) nights come together for epic one night of debauchery and bad decisions. In fact, one of my favourite New Year’s parties was a when Juicy and Now Wave got together in 2010 at Jabez Clegg and I ended up in a gutter on Oxford Road about 20 minutes before midnight. Night People surely also think this too because they’ve wrangled the Howling Rhythm lot and put them together with The Empty Room crew to create a night full of Motown, Soul, 60’s, Alternative and Rock where you can wander aimlessly between the two rooms. There’s some live music from The Big Peach early doors too.

Night People, 105 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD