Manchester's First Sake Bar, Fried Chicken & Bubble Tea: The NEW Additions to Circle Square

We're getting more additions to Circle Square over the next couple of weeks...

By Ben Brown | 11 April 2022

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The huge new Circle Square development on Oxford Road is set to welcome a whole new spate of food and drink operators over the next couple of months, joining Hello Oriental, One Home supermarket and Trib3 gym.

Owners Vita Group have announced some new tenants for the development, each will be opening at some point in the next couple of months.

First up is said to be Manchester’s first dedicated Japanese sake bar – Monkey Trio. Set to open up in May, they’ll offer up a range of Japanese sakes, whiskies and matcha beers.

Monkey Trio will be opening up alongside the much-loved Japanese matcha dessert tea house – Tsujiri – who have been smashing it since they opened up in Chinatown in 2020.

Also set to open this May is Bird of Prey, who are said to offer “superior fried chicken” using their secret method for dredging and frying, combined with great shakes and homemade sauces. There’s also said to be American -style Chicken & Waffles on the menu too.

The third company that’s set to make an arrival in May at Circle Square is Momo Cosmetics underneath Vita Living East. The new retailer will bring a wide range of popular and high-quality Japanese and Korean skin care products & food.

Finally, Uncle T which opened earlier in the month, joining Hello Oriental, One Home supermarket and Trib3 brings together traditional bubble tea with a localised Manchester menu that is a proven hit within the city. The Uncle T Specialitea menu features classic milk and fruit teas, as well as show-stopping unique teas like Iron Goddess fresh milk tea and sweet potato boba.

Max Bielby, Chief Operating Officer from Vita Group said: “Circle Square is fast becoming Manchester’s go-to destination with new restaurants and retailers opening each month, there’s a real buzz surrounding this new community and what’s to come and we can’t wait for Manchester to get its first Japanese sake bar with Monkey Trio and Tsuiri, showstopping fried chicken and waffles thanks to Bird of Prey and Pan-Asian teas and cosmetics with Uncle T and Momo.”