Manchester's New Nando's Pizza topped with Peri-Peri Chicken, Spicy Fries and Halloumi

Crazy Pedro's new June special is a bit... cheeky. Get it?!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 14 June 2022

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It’s the start of a new month and that can only mean one thing – a new special from those mad bastards over at Crazy Pedro’s. And this June they’re channelling everyone’s favourite high street Portuguese/South African chicken joint – Nando’s.

The ‘Cheeky Pedro’s’ takes everything that has made Nandos such a big hit over the years and plonks them down on their signature New York-style 16-inch base.

Taking you back to those enthusiastic and confusing days as a teenager, when you’d go on a date to Nando’s, filling up your bottomless fizzy drink with reckless abandon and ordering an ‘Extra Hot’ to try to show off.

Pedro’s new special pizza is topped with…

– Peri Chicken
– Peri Salt Chips
– Halloumi
– Pedro’s Peas
– Peri Peri Mayo

The ‘Cheeky Nandos’ is available all day, every day throughout June as a full pizza, slice and on Deliveroo.


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