MasterChef Simon Wood creates "Quick & Easy" Recipes to Feed Families for £30

Last week saw MasterChef champion, Simon Wood help launch an initiative to showcase what £30 worth of food from a supermarket should look like.

By Manchester's Finest | 20 January 2021

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As part of the initiative, Simon Wood also created a series of quick and tasty recipes using dried goods and tinned produce, to offer inspiration to families when cooking at home. The recipes have been incredibly well received, especially for those who have seen their income cut due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The accessible nature of the recipes has also led to food banks printing them out and handing them out alongside food parcels.

This week, looking to house the recipes in place, the Feeding Families With Simon Wood website has been launched, looking to offer a space where individuals and families can seek inspiration and resources to create quick and easy meals using cupboard essentials.

Simon’s Beef Chilli

With the government now returning to the school meal vouchers, families can also access ready made shopping lists which can be used to create a host of Simon’s recipes.

#FeedingFamiliesFor30 invites individuals to show what £30 of food really looks like when done properly, buying dried goods, tinned produce and essentials from a supermarket of their choice, taking a picture and using the hashtag, before donating the goods to a local food bank.

Inspired by the incredible work of footballer, Marcus Rashford, Down At The Social and Simon Wood want to provide real solutions for real people who want to eat well but on a strict budget.

Simon’s Simple Cottage Pie

Simon Wood said: “It’s been incredibly heartwarming to see the reception of me posting these recipes on my social channels, with everyone getting stuck in and recreating them at home. Knowing that food banks are now offering them out alongside food parcels is something I’m really proud of, we just wanted to provide a solution to families and individuals who have limited resources but want to eat well.”

“Launching this website means we can extend the reach and allow more people access to quick and easy recipes using just basic, cost effective ingredients. What Marcus Rashford has started has been incredible and now we must all do our part to ensure that vulnerable children across the country do not go without.”

For more information and to access Simon Wood’s recipes, please visit: