Meet The Sushi Masters Behind The Airstream Food Truck In Altrincham

With over 30 years of global experience, the small team have taken Unagi from strength to strength in lockdown.

By Alex Watson | 22 March 2021

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Unagi Street Food – pronounced ooo-nag-eee (think Ross Gellar) – started business just three weeks before Covid hit and the lockdown completely transformed the UK like we’ve never seen before.

Luckily, operating as a takeaway business, orders came flying in as the country quickly realised they actually can’t cook and a life without restaurants isn’t one worth even thinking about.

With over 30 years worth of experience from around the globe, the team behind Unagi can be found inside a small airstream van situated in the hustle and bustle of the popular suburban town of Altrincham.

Business boomed at the start of lockdown and within just a few short weeks the business had secured pop-up kitchens in West Didsbury and Salford Quays to reach more and more people around all corners of the city.

Regulars keep going back for their Bang Bang Chicken Wings – which are indeed banging – their incredible and MASSIVE sushi platters and their now pretty legendary Chicken Katsu Curry. All made using fresh fish every day from local fishmongers also based in Alty, Taylor’s Fish.

The self-titled Unagi OG team consists of Ralph and Jun who settled in Manchester in the early 00s and Macky and EJ which you’d think were their naughty kids – they’re not, but it certainly feels like they’ve found a family in each other.

Pair that with investment from successful restauranteur and chef David Vanderhook – owner of the mini-empire consisting of Lime Bar, George Charles, The Con Club and One Central Altrincham – and it’s no wonder Unagi have been a hit across the city.

The future looks seriously bright and jam-packed with exciting happenings for the OGs. There’s a new site opening in Wilmslow – the first standalone restaurant and sushi bar for Unagi.

Plus – a further two sites are expected to be announced later in the year too so if you’ve never heard of Unagi, now’s your time to get involved so you can be dead annoying and say ‘I was there first‘.

One of the real standouts on the menu is the ‘Birthday Sushi Platters‘ which began as a one-off special 21st birthday request and eventually found itself as a permanent fixture on the menu.

The team can create bespoke sushi platters seven days a week – you simply just have to ask.

If platters really are your thing you can opt for their ‘Omakase’ platters which include the chef’s selection of the day from the nigiri, sashimi, hosomaki, urumaki sushi menus. Opt for 30 pieces (£48) or 40 (£60) both of which are even available on Deliveroo!

We hopped on a tram (masked up!) and headed down to Alty last week so our good friend Matt White could have a chat with the OG’s about all things sushi.

After a few sips of Sake, Matt covered everything from finding the balance in sushi, put to bed rumours that sushi is all about raw fish and even got some top tips on how to eat sushi.

Top picks from the menu…

👉 Bang Bang Wings (£8) – sweet, sticky and a hint of spice that’ll have your lips tingling.
👉 Crispy Fried Squid (£8) – crispy and seriously fresh served with togarashi a chilli pepper spicey sauce on the side.
👉 Mushu Special (£14) – tempura prawns with fresh avocado and cucumber and a slice of seared salmon all topped with ‘black tobiko’ also known as ‘flying fish eggs’.
👉 Sake (£20) – you can get your hands on a 300ml bottle on Deliveroo for just 20 quid so you can have the full experience from home.

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You can Order Unagi via Deliveroo – be sure to select the Unagi closest to you – or call directly: Altrincham (07497 392 691), Salford (0161 869 0440) or Didsbury (0161 445 4999).