NEW OPENING: A Boozy Kombucha Brunch Spot has arrived in Sale

Jackalope serves a vast menu of breakfast favourites, alongside ‘Happy J’s’ homemade alcoholic hard kombucha.

By Emma Davidson | 12 August 2022

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It’s well-known that Sale is THE foodie destination at the moment, and the newest business to open in the district is Jackalope, a brunch spot dedicated to a menu of diverse flavours and kombucha with an alcoholic kick.

Set up by businessman Jake Wilson, he found his passion for kombucha whilst travelling throughout the US. Whilst the fermented drink isn’t uncommon here in the UK, he hadn’t really encountered the ‘hard’ type, which contains alcohol.

After this revelation, he began crafting his own mixes, leading to the birth of ‘Happy J’s’ his own brand of kombucha that has received huge praise. The fermented tea drink has travelled across the UK and is now available to buy in a number of bars and restaurants across the city, including Jackalope.

Jackalope specialises in brunch and coffee first and foremost, and has a menu featuring everything from breakfast sandwiches and full ‘Jackalope’ breakfasts, to more obscure choices including Huevos Rancheros that comes with fried eggs, black beans, avocado, charred corn and jalapeno salsa, tortillas.  

Between 12pm and 4pm, Jackalope also offers grilled lunch sandwiches on sourdough, with options ranging from steak and caramelised onion, cuban, roasted chicken and brie, kimchi and grilled cheese or tuna melt with prices ranging from £5 – £6. 

You’ll also find cakes and bakes, coffee, freshly squeezed juices and everything inbetween supplied by local Manchester-based businesses including; Isabelita Bakes, Altrincham’s Kickback coffee, butcher Taylors of Sale and juices from The Garden in Hale. 

The cafe is open Tuesdays 9am – 5pm, Wednesday – Friday 8am – midnight and Saturday and Sunday 9am – midnight for late night drinks. 

Jackalope’s cocktail menu features coffee based drinks such as the classic Espresso Martini, alongside a Flat White Martini, Espresso Rumtini, and a dessert-based Biscoff Martini that’s drenched in Biscoff spread. You can also grab a Bloody Mary for a hangover pick me up. 

You’ll find the new cafe/bar located at 46 School Road, Sale, M33 7XE.


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