Northern Soul Grilled Cheese just got bigger and better...

The expansion sees this NQ favourite offer much more food and drink...

By Ben Brown | 29 October 2019

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In case you weren’t aware – there is now an all-singing, all-dancing brand-new Northern Soul restaurant on Tib Street, and since opening up just over a week ago it’s (obviously) been packed out.

That’s because it seems that this city has an insatiable appetite for slabs of bread with melted cheese in the middle, and the Northern Soul gang are certainly the best when it comes to providing it for us.

But that’s not all. With a new site comes decent opening hours, loads of seats and tables, a bar and even toilets – all a massive step up from what is essentially just a shack just 100 steps away over on Church Street.

With a swanky new location, owner Dan decided it was time to give the menu a big spruce up – and, in his own words, “unlocking the next part of the Northern Soul menu”.

SO they now offer 3 menus throughout the day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, each offering something new and something special.

The breakfast menu hopes to continue the reputation for top-quality food at a decent price point that’s already been established thus far, with a no-frills approach to traditional breakfast dishes.

ON the menu there are such delights as the Soul Breakfast (£9.50); their take on the traditional Full English (and featuring Grandad’s Sausages), the Stax Roll (£6.50); a Mancunian twist on the sausage, bacon & egg butty, and probably the most impressive – the Shinbeef Ruben Croque Madam (£9.00).

The Shinbeef Ruben is unlike any Croque Madam you’ve ever seen or tasted before. It comes loaded with 18 hour cooked shinbeef, homemade sauerkraut, Russian dressing, pickles and Swiss cheese and is then topped with a cheese sauce and a fried egg!

At lunch time they offer up a menu that most people will be familiar with if they’ve been to any one of the other Northern Soul locations. We;re talking stuffed grilled cheeses, from tuna to mac & cheese to BBQ pulled pork, they have the lot. (And they’re all mega!)

Finally, the evening sees a series of Late Plates go on offer, as well as a couple of unique grilled cheeses not available at any other time or elsewhere in the city.

The bistro-style late plates include Steak & Chips (£12.00), Cider Pork Chop (£10.95) and the mighty Parmy & Mac (£10.00); a buttermilk fried chicken thigh with pesto, ham hock, Bloody Mary ketchup and a huge mound of their signature mac & cheese.

There’s also a couple of new grilled cheeses available in the evening too including the wonderful Chicken Katsu (£7.00) which comes stuffed with fried chicken, shredded pickled cabbage and katsu sauce. I’ve had it – it’s fit AF!

Alongside these beauts you’ll also find chicken wings, mac & cheese, starters, sides and even desserts – there really is something for everyone.

You’ll also find a fully stocked bar with some cracking draught beers as well as a menu of specially designed cocktails – should you want something a bit stronger to wash your food down with.

Tib Street has now become the ultimate grilled cheese destination – get yourself down there as soon as you can!