NOW DELIVERING: Goulash, Spätzle and all things good at The Sparrows

Almost impossible to get a seat in when it was open, The Sparrows is now offering delivery...

By Manchester's Finest | 25 February 2021

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The old Sparrows location behind Victoria

All the way back in 2019, when COVID-19 was just a hypothetical nightmare, a tiny restaurant appeared behind Victoria station and everyone went crazy for it.

Making a rather large splash on the city’s restaurant scene, The Sparrows was unique, it was exclusive, it was sophisticated and above all – it was exceptional.

Goulash Tyrolese with Potato Pancakes and Kavka Vodka

The cuisine was (and still is) firmly planted in Europe, with a range of German. Italian, Polish and Russian dishes including Goulash, Pierogi and Spätzle – all of which should be tried if you’ve never had them.

There was love, passion, heritage and a depth of knowledge in the food that was unmatched, and although they didn’t last long in the tiny unit – they’re now offering up collection and delivery this lockdown.

GOLABKI – Cabbage Rolls With Buckwheat And Smoked Cheese

Top of the list for delivery should certainly be their Goulash Tyrolese with Potato Pancakes and Kavka Vodka (£20) essentially the most amazing slice of life in The Alps you can imagine. Add to the list some homemade Wild Garlic Paste (£4.75), Fresh Burrata (£8.50) and some Polish Smoked Sausage (£8) and you’ve got yourself a feast fit for a Kaiser. Or a Czar.

Pierogi (Polish Dumplings)

In addition there’s also a range of fresh pasta on offer, Japanese sake, fresh bread, desserts and loads more. Head on over to their store for the full range…

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