NOW DELIVERING: Venezuelan Street Food with Mia's Arepas

Mia has taken the humble arepa and stuffed it with a whole pantry full of ingredients...

By Manchester's Finest | 24 November 2020

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September saw the outstanding Mia’s Arepas arrive at the Piccadilly Gardens Market and quite frankly – lunches in the Finest office have never been the same since.

Well, until we got placed in national lockdown that is, where we’ve all been forced to work from home – where the idea of making our own arepas that are anywhere near as good as Mia’s is just an unattainable pipe dream.

Hi Mia!

Luckily for us all then that Mia’s Arepas are now DELIVERING their dishes via UberEats – so you can get a rather impressive slice of Venezuela delivered straight to your front door.

If you’ve never heard of an ‘arepa’ before then prepare for some knowledge. They’re an extremely popular street food in Venezuela and Colombia, a maize flour patty that is fried, sliced open and then stuffed with an unlimited range of fillings.

Pabellon Criollo (£8.59) a shredded beef arepa with black beans, mozzarella cheese, fried sweet plantain and avocado

The Colombians like to pop cheese in theirs and cook until melted – creating their very own version of the ‘toastie’, while the Venezuelans enjoy filling them with a wide variety of fillings – often determined by the location in which they are sold and what ingredients can be obtained.

The selection online with Mia’s Arepas is impressive – with an almost overwhelming amount of fillings to choose from, from seasoned shredded chicken, to beef, roasted pork leg and even a Breakfast Arepa (£6.50) with bacon, fried eggs, cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Empanadas // Like little South American pasties

Also on the menu are a variety of Empanadas (£4.20) which are essentially South American pasties – stuffed with chicken, beef, cheese or black beans.

My suggestion? Go for the awesome Pabellon Criollo (£8.59) a shredded beef arepa with black beans, mozzarella cheese, fried sweet plantain and avocado. Then add some Shredded Chicken Empanadas (£4.20) and a pot of Guasacaca (£1.20) on the side – a popular Venezuelan sauce made with avocado, green pepper and coriander.

Get that thing STUFFED!

Then you’ll be all set.


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